Harold the Hacker   Berkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Playing CS since beta 6.5 (2000), so STFU.

Oh btw: This is my smurf account.
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Hackrold 19 ago, ore 14:01 
Hackrold 19 ago, ore 13:59 
Thank you. It always fills me with completion, when a hackusation rolls in. You are just bad :D Btw: This is my smurf account....
ВСЕХ С ПАСХОЙ! 19 ago, ore 13:34 
-rep obviously wallhacker
coll!nation 17 ago, ore 13:33 
1eroy 12 lug, ore 14:28 
+rep silver
poohbear 18 mag, ore 16:58 
+rep geiler typ