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Alcançada em 7/mai/2010 às 7:10

Play Singleplayer

Play singleplayer at least once
Alcançada em 28/set/2010 às 8:15

Play Multiplayer

Play multiplayer at least once

Startup Millenium

Start Garry's Mod 1000 times

Secret Phrase

Say the secret phrase


You have wasted a year of your life playing GMod!

Map Loader

Play 20 different maps

Play Around

Play a gamemode that isn't sandbox

War Zone

Killed 1000 Baddies
0 / 1,000


Play with 10 friends

Yes, I am the real garry!

Play on the same server as garry


Play on the same server & map for 8 hours

Half Marathon

Play on the same server & map for 4 hours

One Day

24 hours of your life wasted

One Week

One whole week of your life wasted

One Month

One whole month of your life wasted

Innocent Bystander

Kill 1000 innocent animals

Ball Eater

Eat 200 balls


Spawn 5000 props


Burst 1000 balloons


Remove 5000 things

Menu User

Open the spawnmenu 100,000 times

Bad Coder

Experience 500 Lua programming errors


Spawn 1000 NPCs


Spawn 2000 ragdolls

Bad Friend

Kill 1000 friendly NPCs

10 Thumbs

Your Workshop uploads got 10 thumbs

100 Thumbs

Your workshop uploads got 100 thumbs

1000 Thumbs

Your Workshop uploads got 1000 thumbs

Mega Upload

Get 1000 thumbs on a single upload (then go to jail)