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Hi there! My name's Russ - I'm a 3D modelling enthusiast, a father of three, and the project lead for an upcoming game named Blinding Light. Also a former TF2 workshop contributor, and the former lead artist for the Dungeon Defenders Community Development Team.

Some things to know about me if you send me a friend request!
• I ignore invites from Steam accounts lower than level :10_level: to avoid scammers and phishers. If you are a legitimate user and your account level is less than :10_level:, leave a comment on my profile stating why you're adding me and I'll be happy to oblige.
• I do accept random adds; however please keep in mind that I regularly clean out my friends list. I will keep you on my friends list if you meet at least one of the following:
── You have proven yourself a formidable ally or competitor in-game
── We collaborate on a project, such as a workshop item
── You frequent the same servers or communities I do
── I personally know you
• If you are here because you have a workshop idea you want me to make, please save both of us the hassle and read this guide before sending a friend request. If after reading it you still want to add me, read it again.
• If you add me just for the sake of being "friends", you'll be one of the individuals I clean out. Please understand its nothing personal, its simply how I stay organized while still accommodating all friend requests.
• I prefer to trade via offers, so please don't add me to trade. Click here to send me a trade offer instead.
• You are welcome to re-add me if I errantly remove you! Just note that you are still subject to the above requirements to stay on my friends list.

Why "gigazelle", you ask? It's a long story that goes way back - in short it's a combination of the stupid stuff I did on the trampoline as a teenager, my technical proficiency, and my lanky body. Over the years it has evolved into Gigazelle - the pony is there to get a reaction out of people who judge people based solely on an avatar.
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poptop89 Jun 5 @ 11:02am 
Hello, I had some question about a project I was working on, I'd be greatly appreciated if you could help!
Zeugziumy May 14 @ 12:49pm 
Hi. I just wanted to tell that "Sniper" is missing from the class list of your Mann Couture Signature Watch workshop item.

At first, I thought it was because Sniper already has a watch on his arms... but he appears wearing your item in the screenshots, so that wasn't the case.
BigBoyLovesWings May 1 @ 9:56pm 
be meh friend please
Patriot tf Apr 6 @ 8:02am 
Hello, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions on pineapple tf
splat tim Apr 4 @ 12:48pm 
I played one of the charity MvM tours with him the other day, he's pretty awesome
linko Mar 16 @ 10:26pm 
Jesus dude, you're an amazing spy