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As someone who had played the game since there were only planes in the game with the US, Russia, Germany, and Britain as the only nations in the game, the game has come a long way, but has become a downfall to Gaijin. After I had taken a break for 3-4 years because of the lack of content, I came back when there were Ground Vehicles in the game. The Ground Forces was a good addition that I had saw with my eyes, but with where it is now, the MBTs and Helicopters, had kinda ruined the game. The unnecessary addition of vehicles or unneeded reworks, nerfs, or buffs had taken a toll on the game and made it a worse experience for players in my opinion. I wish Gaijin would've stuck with what it was good for, the WWII aspect, to keep the game alive and produce some great content, but I hold an exception for the Korean to Cold War vehicles, because that was when the game had not become a nuisance. Once the modern technologies had been implemented, it paved the way for a broken game, it's annoying dealing with helicopters that can sit at their helipad and shoot ATGMs at vehicles and they cannot do anything about it (Ka-50). The game went from being a game of skill vs skill, to who can figure out the most broken meta ever and exploit it.

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he wears a wire,but that wire has changed him for the better of the regiment, con spiritu:russianlineinfantry:
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