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Posted: Oct 28, 2016 @ 10:23pm
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Review from November, 2012

This game is brought to us by the devs who brought us Magic Life (Not available on Steam at the moment). Unlike Magic Life, there is only one difficulty level, and you do not play against other characters. You also do not lose vigor or mana whilst traveling between buildings (yay!)

You have one (ultimate) goal, and one only: To become human again. You will have to become influential enough to gain the information you need, and powerful enough to cast the needed enchantment. In order to do this, you will need to complete a variety of quests and studies.

There are some localization issues with the game. Things can be strangely-worded, and you are referred to as if you are male, even if you play as a woman.

The graphics are darkly environmental - nicely done, and without being too dark. There are two or three hidden object scenes, but they are simply mini-games, and part of the story. There is a HINT button, and it refills quickly, plus there is no mis-click penalty, so random clicking works just fine.

The first time you play the game is basically a learning process. Once you learn how things are done, you can start working out strategies to get things done more efficiently, and to do some planning for the future. ie. What kind of job(s) you want to work toward, the order in which you wish to do your quests, etc.

You have your own room at City Hall, which you can decorate and rest in, and your pets and decorations will determine how much mana and vigor are replenished by resting there. Also at City Hall is a tab called Vacancies, which is where you choose the jobs you wish to have.

Overall, I think the game (upon my second run-through) took me about three hours to complete. Once you have reached your goal of becoming a human, you CAN continue playing in order to accomplish any personal goals you might have (maybe you want to become the mayor of the city! It's up to you!)

Although I missed the competition of working against other in-game players, I came to like not being rushed to accomplish things, and really enjoyed the game. Below are some tips to help you on your way.


The game does not give you some important information -- things I only knew because I played Magic Life first. I will detail them here, along with info we ARE given:

  • Vigor: This is your health meter, and is found in the bottom left corner -- the red goblet. When the goblet gets too low, you will learn more slowly and/or make less money due to being too tired. Increase your vigor by eating at the Tavern, or by using a potion from the Laboratory. You can increase your overall health (how much your goblet holds) by completing courses at the Training Camp. Any course that says +(number) Health will make you more resilient.
  • Mana: Magic power, found in the bottom left corner, the jar filled with blue. You need mana for studies, work, and of course for casting spells. To replenish your mana, visit the circus and watch a show, or use a potion from the Laboratory. To increase your mana capacity, take courses and study at the Academy. Watch for courses that have a +(number) Maximum Mana.
  • Intellect: The higher your intellect, the faster you will be able to learn new courses (less vigor per study session). Increase your intellect by taking courses at the Academy. Watch for courses that have a +(number) Intellect.
  • Influence: The higher your influence, the less you have to pay for food, shows, clothes, courses, etc. Increase your influence by taking courses at the Academy, and from some of the items that you buy at the Tailor. Watch for courses and clothes that have a +(number) Intellect.
  • Agility: Required for some jobs. Increase by completing courses at the Training Camp. Watch for courses that have a +(number) Agility.
  • Magic Strength: Higher levels required to get some jobs, and for casting spells. Increase your magic strength by taking courses and studying at the Academy. Watch for courses that have a +(number) Magic Strength.

    Some courses require Goods, which you can buy at the Store. Also at the store are Decorations for your room.
  • Buy Furniture for your room at the Workshops.
  • Buy Potions at the Laboratory.
  • Buy Food at the Tavern.
  • Buy Pets and "Vehicles" at the Menagerie.
  • Buy clothes, shoes, and decorations (necklaces) at the Tailor.
  • Take courses to increase Health and/or Agility, or learn spells at the Training Camp.
  • Your Room and job Vacancies are found at City Hall.
  • Watch shows at the Circus to increase your Mana.
  • Take courses at the Academy to increase your Magic Strength, Intellect, Influence, and Maximum Mana.

    When you buy new items such as clothes, furniture, decorations, pets, vehicles, etc., you get a bonus for Vigor and/or Mana. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Before you buy something that gives you a bonus, work work work (money money money!) to use up as much Vigor and Mana as possible, THEN go and buy.

    You can use the same technique with quests. Use up as much Vigor and Mana as possible before finishing up a quest. You will get to choose your reward, and sometimes it will be a complete refill of Vigor and/or Mana. Nice!

    You get a timed bonus on some of the more expensive foods (purchased at the Tavern). For example, Wine will increase your movement speed, while the Turkey Meal will increase your Learning Speed!

    Hope all of this has been of some help! Enjoy the game!
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