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Like others have said, it's an unbalanced mess. The problem with Coffee Crisis is that there's a lot of quantity over quality. Too many enemies. A good beat-'em-up has waves of enemies but in a controlled environment. You clear them and move forward. And in most cases they're the same. No RNG, you get the muscle memory to know how to clear the stage better the next time. This, though? If you think twenty enemies on the screen sounds bad, try having many of those pelting you with projectiles. I'm okay with losing if I deserved to lose, but there's no balance to this game. There's too many respawns and most things happen at random.

Speaking of beating the game, here's another thing you'll encounter: too many passwords. ONE password is too many. I'm guessing the developers wanted to be cool and make it seem all retro with passwords. I mean, it really wouldn't be hard to implement save games in a Unity game. Especially when the alternative is your customers having to input dozens of passwords to overcome your poorly designed levels. It feels needlessly archaic. Even plenty of '90s games had battery backups on the cartridges.

Too many shaders. Why is this a thing? I thought it was kind of weird when it had graphics modes when I started it for the first time, like basic and ultra. Since I have a good system I went with ultra but I wondered why when it's a 2D game. Well it's because the developers decided to throw in a bunch of shaders for no apparent reason. I suppose they put them in because they look cool? (Which kind of contradicts the whole passwords because retro thing.) But the thing is, they don't look cool. They look annoying. You like being swarmed by enemies? Try it when the screen is divided into lots of distorted hexagons. I guess it's supposed to be like seeing the game through the eyes of a bee? But why? How about a fuzzy black/white one, or dozens of others? They serve no real purpose and they're a hindrance, not a help.

Player control feels very janky. I felt the need to completely abandon the use of weapons because of how cumbersome it is. Use weapons and you'll probably be pelted by projectiles without doing much damage to the enemies. You can make use of holding the punch button for a power attack, but even then some enemies are able to lunge and hit you before you have a chance. Getting hit that way or by the projectiles you'll always be attempting to dodge cancels the charged power attack.

Finally, too many dollars. Considering how flawed this is, the asking price is absurd. Fortunately I got it very cheap. You can get some true indie classics for this game's normal Steam cost. I'd say that you should only consider it for a dollar or two, but you'll almost certainly be disappointed so probably not even then. On the bright side, the music is fairly good and the pixel art is passable. Sadly, they're the only good things I can say about this game.

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....To tell a secret, I'm working on two more reviews right now, and they'll both be negative in spite of the fact I'm really enjoying one of the games.
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Why thank you. I had to add a TL;DR section after awhile since a lot of people only want a mere recommendation in no more than one paragraph. It would be interesting to know how many developers have reported my reviews. I'm pretty sure Posh (the Arcade Tycoon developer) reported mine, but had to settle for banning all of my screenshots! (I don't have to mention that these were unedited screenshots and perfectly SFW.)