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:yinandyang: :redstarkr: "Gene Starwind, what are you looking for? Where will your heart's desire take you? What will satisfy you? Gene Starwind, are you going to live, or will you die here..? The decision is yours. You're completely in charge of your own destiny—that's the only certain thing in life. So, believe in yourself, and create your own destiny. Don't fear failure. You have nothing to lose. The young only acquire 'things'.

You've come into the possession of the Outlaw Star and Melfina. The only question now is: how will you use them? Go to the Galactic Leyline. No one can stop you. Adventure is waiting for you! You should understand this by now; time is running out. Open your eyes, shout out, and continue forward! This is only the beginning of history." :redstarkr: :yinandyang:
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A few titbits about myself...
IMPORTANT: I am no longer accepting invites unless you write a comment first. (Unless you are an arranged trader, we played in a game together, or you arranged to add me, etc.) This is because I've received many invitations and many of these have been spambots. Thanks for understanding!

Random Facts :bluequestion:
1. I live in England. Manchester, specifically. :unionjack:
2. The last place I travelled to was Costa del Sol . It was brilliant. It may have been in November but the weather was great, which made the plane journey back to Britain so dull. :earth1:
3. Yes, I just complained about the weather. This stereotype is true. :sadcloud:
4. I live alone in a flat. It is small but cosy. Well, not entirely alone... :kitehome:
5. I have a black cat called Mel. There is a story behind his name, but let's keep it less tl;dr.
(No, he isn't named after Mel Gibson for the last time!) He's cute, but can be a rascal sometimes! :wacthercat:
6. My favourite TV show is probably a tie between 24 and Breaking Bad, and I can't think of a particular film as there are too many to choose from. :Old_TV:
7. I listen to ambient, dream pop, and other strange genres. I also listen to a LOT of soundtracks, including video game. Yes, I'm so weird like that, on a video game community too. :FredericNote:
8. I can't say what my favourite video game is. Lately I try to judge every game on both its merits and shortcomings. (I mean, rather than writing a game off as crap immediately.) I love the original Halo, Final Fantasy (before XI) and Phoenix Wright to name a few, but there are so many others. :HangingController:

Computer Specs :ns_pc1:
CPU: Intel Core i5-6400 Skylake CPU, 4 Cores, 2.7 - 3.3GHz
CPU Cooling: Corsair Hydro H75 Liquid Cooler
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB
Memory: 32GB DDR4, two 2133MHz and two 2400MHz (4 x 8GB Sticks)
OS Drive: 250GB SK Hynix SL301 Solid State Drive
Hard Drives: Various, over 10TB of space
Mouse: The Z
Keyboard: Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000
PSU: Aerocool 80 PLUS 600W
Motherboard: Asus B150M-A/M.2
Case: Corsair Carbide SPEC-ALPHA Case - Black/Red
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

Bonus - Portable Steam Machine: GPD WIN 2

Also a lover of the finest meats in the animal kingdom. :joeknife: :bearsteak::breakfastegg: :forkdoka2: I am on a quest to sample most of ze tasty animals! :chic:

My current progress: :firealpaca::suadboar::dod_Bison_skull::camel::cluck::cod::fullcow::crickets::crocodilesmile::deerspirit::Duckie::mountGoat::horsehead::awakesheep::lobster::MemMoose::os_ram::postalostrich::pigshead::prawn::TheShark::zoozebra:
(Missing a few either because of no matching emoticon or I simply forgot.)

Hopefully many more to come soon! I added this to my profile in my good friend Melubnio's honour, as he is a fellow carnivore.

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ℋappy Easter
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Is there any way to export the Depressurizer list if we don't own excel? Really don't wanna pay a ton of money just to see my list.
Great Ancestor Feb 1 @ 4:10pm 
hey bud i found you off reddit,a ccept my Friend request please
Melubnio Jan 19 @ 3:55am 
Almost 4000 games! GG
Melubnio Jan 1 @ 4:32am 
Happy new year!!
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Happy New Year