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Ethan   Shiloh, Illinois, United States
Kitty-tan was abducted on her way home from school two months ago. At first, she was a very bad kitty! She didn't enjoy breeding time at all, and even fought against it! But after being beaten so badly that she went blind in one eye, she behaves just like a perfect slave. The blind eye isn't so bad, the master thinks the eyepatch's cute! Now, Kitty-tan even sobs less when she's mating, and when she does, it's even quieter. What Kitty-tan really hates, though, is mouth-mating. She's even thrown up a couple of times!
You are a fake fan
Iudex Gundyr is cool I think

If you see me playing a VN, it's probably because I hate myself

Go watch a Pyrocynical video or something idk
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mako 2 nov 2019, ore 20:55 
+rep smelly woman born post 1993
CJRRRR 23 mag 2019, ore 21:22 
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Ivan04 7 mag 2019, ore 17:37 
He does
low-res anime stab 7 mag 2019, ore 17:17 
doesnt he make cool gmod addons
Ivan04 7 mag 2019, ore 16:06 
DrVrej exists