Kyle   New York, New York, United States
Playskin Collector; CSGO Noob;
Ex-SteamRep Admin; Ex-SourceOP Trusted Seller

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IanTheAwsm před 10 hodinami 
Added to discuss your Mining Light if that’s alright?
Thug LORD Bronk 27. lis. v 5.52 
Hey, I added you since I am interested in the Orbiting fire pyromancer mask, accept if you're willing to discuss a trade :))
pimplenipple 27. lis. v 3.38 

Friendly Guy !!! ❤️
We can be friends for future games ^_^

✅✅✅+REP Good Player
✅✅✅+REP Good Friend
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✅✅✅+REP Have a nice day !

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Sauler 23. lis. v 10.05 
have an offer for ya, added mate.
Mustache Mann 22. lis. v 17.26 
Will let you know though, sorry had to do a quick response
Mustache Mann 22. lis. v 16.06 
Not selling as of now