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Personal Achievements

Gentleman's Wager

Play a game with only gentlemen.

Complete Shutout

Win back to back games in goal mode without the opposing team scoring.

I Would Drive 500 Miles

Drive 500 miles.
0 / 500

I Would Drive 500 More

Drive 1,000 miles.
500 / 1,000

Ultimate Indie Gamer

Win a race with the indie slider activated.

Nail Biter

Win a goal mode game in overtime.

Frozen Finish

Cross the finish line in first place while frozen.

Float Like a Butterfly

Win a race while airborne.

Sting Like a Bee

Steal the arrow 5 times in one tag match.

Climate Change

Get iced 5 times in one game.


Win in goal mode after being down by 2.

All You Need is Love

Get hugged 3 times in one game.

Route 66

Drive 2,448 miles.
0 / 2,448

Bronze Medal

Finish 3rd 25 times.

Silver Medal

Finish 2nd 50 times.
0 / 50

Gold Medal

Finish 1st 100 times.
0 / 100

Ticket Master

Score 10,000 accumulative points in target games.
0 / 10,000

Disappearing Act

Reset yourself 50 times.
0 / 50


Play in a game with 3 other people on your friends list.

Deep Space

Get knocked 100 meters from the platform in Fallout.

Deep 6

Hit 6 players with a mine.

Draft Master

Draft off a player for 10 straight seconds.

Rocket Sauce

Boost for 30 straight seconds.

Spring Chicken

Use a spring 50 times.
0 / 50

Flight of the Falcon

Accumulate 15 minutes of airtime.
0 / 15


Stay airborne for 6 seconds.

Good Sport

Be a good sport.

Flippin Awesome

Do a flip.

Double Flip

Do a double flip.

Triple Flip

Do a triple flip.

I Get Around

Do 20 flips.
0 / 20

Barrel Roll

Do a barrel roll.

Slippy Sez

Do 10 barrel rolls.
0 / 10


Win a race without using a weapon.


Remain in first place for an entire race.


Punch 2 players at the same time.

Pirate Party

Play a game with only pirates.


Fall off a map 5 times in one game.

Use the Force

Repulse 5 players at once.


Overcome the player in first place and win the race in 1 second.


Lose first place in the last seconds of a race.

War Games

Play a game with only military officers.


Play a game with only machines.

Easy Rider

Win a race without using boost.

Inspector Kemp

Play a game with only inspectors.