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Personal Achievements

Victory and Defeat

Defend the Stone Gateway

Hairy Situation

Escape from a hairy situation unscathed

A warm bed

Persuade the guards in Goodwater to let you in

Making Friends

Gain the first two companions for your group


Save a village from the orcs


Save three villages from the orcs

Light into Darkness

Uncover the secret of Blacksaddle

Skilled Bargain

Convince the smith to pay you better

Bargain like a Boss

Convince the smith to double his offer


Bring the bounty hunters to justice


Survive the ambush of your foes

Ogre's Death fortress

Reach Ogre's Death fortress


Give the perfect answers to the questions of the council


Enter the kingdom Weyurn


Admit the distraught female dwarf


Don't see the world as black and white

A Feast like no other

Celebrate the greatest feast in an unusual location

The greatest Battle

Vanquish the biggest enemy camp

East Ironhald

Reach the Firstling fortress


Free a dwarf from captivity

What needs to be done

Do what needs to be done to Giralda

A single Life

Protect every single life

Legendary Halls

Enter the Fifthling fortress


Forge the axe Keenfire

Old Enemies

Kill two old enemies


Kill the demon


Travel, travel, travel

Not a scratch

Win a battle without a hero being hurt

As good as it gets

Take a character to level 10

Oink, oink

Kill 1000 enemies

Faithful to the end

Stay with us to the end.

Horde Mode Master

Win three stars in a horde mode battle.

Chase Master

Win three stars in a chase.

Time Challenge Master

Win three stars in a time challenge.