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Unlocked Oct 25, 2017 @ 3:02pm


Gain entrance to the village of Markovna with the help of Lady Katarina.

Forgotten knowledge

Reach level 100 with an Elementalist or Umbralist (character classes).

Steam Lord

Reach level 100 with a Constructor or Phlogistoneer (character classes).

Just a good ole' hunter

Reach level 100 with a Bounty Hunter or Protector (character classes).

Circle Unbroken

Complete the "Forgotten Knowledge", "Steam Lord" and "Just a Good ole' hunter" achievements.

Requiem for a dream

Die with a level 60 or higher hardcore character.

Eternal Glory

Reach Glory level 100.
0 / 100

Glory of a legend

Reach Reputation level 15.
0 / 15


Learn every Skill, Powerup and Mastery on a single branch of the Skill Tree with any Character Class.

Tower Defender

Finish a Tower Defense mission.

Viva la Resistance!

Finish a Resistance mission.

Just a sip

Drink lots of potions (shouldn't be that hard).
8 / 100

Treasure Hunter

Let's be honest here. The most important part of a game like Van Helsing is the LOOT! So go out there and gather as much as you can! From chests.
47 / 250

A good catch

Collect 1 million gold with any character.
15,909 / 1,000,000

A hunter with style

Equip a full collection of Set items.

I'm so Hardcore!

Finish the game with a Hardcore character.

Never Walk Alone

Finish the game playing mostly in coop.

Lone Wolf

Finish the game in single player all the way through.

But wait! There's more!

Complete a Daily Quest.

A change of pace

Finish a Scenario.

Tour the World

Play every Scenario type.
0 / 11

Perfect Plan

Finish a Tower Defense mission without letting any monster reach the gate.

Monsters' Bane

Killing lots of monsters will make you famous among the populace and infamous among the monsters.
761 / 3,872

Let loose the ghost of war

Let Lady Katarina kill a Boss. (Delivering the final blow is enough.)


Defeat Bosses to gain reputation!
1 / 25


Defeat Special Enemies to gain reputation!


Upgrade a Godlike item to its full potential.

In your face, Jones!

Collect 10 Relics for the Resistance.
0 / 10

Incredible Adventures

Complete all Achievements.

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