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Personal Achievements

Rain Man

Place your first 4 umbrellas.

Community Support

Build 20 houses.

Baker's Tribloo

Bake 10 loaves of bread.


Successfully Navigate the Airship.

Tribloo Tune

Raised the Signal Towers

All Hot Air

Collect 10 units of vapour

Italian Style

Repair 10 broken pipes


Clear 10 piles of scrap metal.

Barrier Reef

Clear 10 Coral.

Light The Way

Rebuild 10 Coral Lamps

Oh Two!

Collected 30 units of air.

Fish Fish

Solved the ancient shape puzzle.


Cleared 8 Crystal Deposits.

Open Sesame

Opened 5 Gates

Tuss Tribloo

Extend 4 Bridges

I Know Base Two

Cracked The Door Code

Tower Defense

Destroy 5 asteroids with Defense Towers

Air Is Good

Create 30 Space Suits


Change Conveyer direction 10 times

Shorter Circuit

Shut down the evil AI


Finish the Tribloos 2 Campaign!

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