James   Tasmania, Australia
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Make me clan leader

ZtG | DoombleDoor SG : Im friendlu
[MEMBER] /TCP\ ^3TriX'^ : KK
ZtG | DoombleDoor SG : firnedly*

Curiosity500 : And, your, dead...... LOL

Reptos : selling dbd heavy unu 13 keys
ƨʙ Trips : selling mc acc
Panties Sniffer 69 : selling used pair of panties
Trexy : selling shitty old laptop
ƨʙ Trips : Kure Good job!!
*SPEC* ƨʙ Pecktime : selling virginity
geep : selling compliments
*SPEC* kure : thanks!
Reptos : selling cheese platters
ƨʙ Trips : np man!
geep : I'll trade you one compliment for your virginity
ƨʙ Trips : Deal
*SPEC* ƨʙ Pecktime : sold
Panties sheep : done

jackyboyiscool13 : leave mate
Luke120906 has joined the game
jackyboyiscool13 : stop whyning
monkeys_did_911 : hey kid shut up
LuckieMis4Tune was automatically assigned to team RED
Vengeance from Above : KID IS SO SALTY

*DEAD* -=SMT=- POZZIE | : geep is a hack

*DEAD* -=SMT=- POZZIE | : wow geep hacking and spamming

JakChap : You're a salty don't aint ya

*DEAD* akari : you may be the most retarded player in this server

DaGreekHunter : acident

myyyst: thanks for the ban james!
myyyst: keep gaming with your ego friends

Dynasty : yeah maybe if an adopted cunt like you didnt have a medic up their us 24/7 then it would be even

MePiSsUdie : soon we will won

battlecry butthole : the only people who like spawn campers are spawn campers
battlecry butthole : fuck u guys enjoy they spawn camping and i hope u all die
battlecry butthole left the game (Disconnect by user.)

ƨʙ Happy_Mc_Hap_Hap™ has renamed their Shotgun to Spaghetti

Cucumbermann : we all freieds


Ark Wolf: NO YOU DOT

Ark Wolf: ivat cryo tceh

Ark Wolf: can you please send me another invite - my cat just walked across my keyboard !

Ark Wolf: hi
Geep: hi
Ark Wolf: what do you do
Geep: ?
Geep: what do you mean
Ark Wolf: job
Geep: archaeologist
Geep: you there?
Ark Wolf: yes
Geep: you asked what I did
Ark Wolf: ya
Geep: why
Ark Wolf: reszen
Geep: ?
Ark Wolf: 1m
Ark Wolf: just wondering............ thats all

Barely Illegal Loli Girl : Your not welcome here Geep

*DEAD* PrinceSpud : daewoo how many points yourat now?
PrinceSpud : yor at
PrinceSpud : your at

fresh prince of bikinibottom : geep is hacking for sure

dabycat21 : no i am botem

*DEAD* FLYRO SLAPPED YOU : even a medic cant save u guys man XD

Ark Wolf: invit me plz
Geep: I cant my keyboard is broken
Ark Wolf: bat hw dd you tap

allister.lyndal : does eny one have a kazotsky kick to trade ill give them a machina

[AP7] A Porcupine: Hey, you busy?
Geep: whats up?
[AP7] A Porcupine: Need Demo.
[AP7] A Porcupine: Now.
[AP7] A Porcupine is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
Geep: im playing a scrim
Geep: against you

kekizer has renamed their Baby Face's Blaster to shotgun for scout

WCYD prankmonkey : thats someone how kidnapeped him and making videos
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Please read before adding me

I like to keep my friends list clean so please do not randomly add me.
If you do need to add me leave a comment.
I will not accept friend requests from private profiles/backpacks.
Do not spam me with your raffle-group invites, I will just block you.

Also, the name "Geep" does not have a J in it; I'm not a car brand.

Feel free to join the Cosmic Discord []


I only trade with in-game items. Not at all interested in Paypal/Bitcoin trades.
I'm not giving away any items for free. Go figure.
Please use my Trade Offer ; It saves me time.

More Stupid Quotes:

Stupid Sexy Flanders : i heard geep sucks dick for lunch money

^Magical^ : ha ha... you trying to making funny of me?
^Magical^ : or u just plain stupid

Escapegoat : geep is hacking using auto reflect
Escapegoat : fucken lamer

Simple Rick. : hahahah lololol I got your desapenjser how you do feel them engi>

*DEAD* donny : i always get matched up against the best players in fucking oceania

Methylphenidate Hydrochloride : it is the scientific name for the drug ritalin which is used by people with ADHD like myself

Jabberwockychamber : vagina full of muschle sandwich

*DEAD* Zephyr : geep is hacking

DrMrCrazyCat : then why am I are at top?

zombiekiller312 : i gusse i haft to use chat
*DEAD* zombiekiller312 : zombro my mic is no more
zombro312 : tradic story about a mic

zombiekiller312 : i miss my mic !!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ahah i whount it back

ⓈTEALTH1ELF -CSCUCKS-: did you know box fellyfish are the world's sencend most posinos creatur

● *DEAD*(Terrorist) ⓈTEALTH1ELF -CSCUCKS- : i will eat you james

Amasteas|Gucci Gang is my City : good job you have a huger ego that your parents divoce paper

Burning has renamed their Blast Blocker to Geep Is A Fag

help i have mental problems : geeps just skilless without his medics

think of the younglings : is is hardly played making pyro superior


THE SPANISH INQUISITION : please fucking murder geep

gandelff : haw do you dans

aussie_girl898 : that want medics are for
*DEAD* aussie_girl898 : freking spys

Timbers : Like geep u have the Iron Bomber and what secoundery and what Melee

*DEAD* harshyoharshyo : suck my dich bit ez for you


fifi: i want to touch my mum because I'm scared

iamcow : wow love the russsiin antherm

Derpy : come on i just wont a dominate

A Glass of Yeet : will smith are u geep

family friendly TF2 server : geep rekted me D:

Crazyflares (Street Legal) : He flew to australia to try and communicate how to fix your game you apes

whydoyousuckatthisgame? : geep can I have your babies

Gian : fuck you geep

*DEAD* Geoff : great
(Voice) Geep: Thanks!
*DEAD* BroBucket : fuck off
*DEAD* Geoff : thanks geep

*DEAD* [AP7] A Porcupine : Sorry not sorry Geep.

*DEAD* Trend Maximum Security : geep hacking

Sky_Blizzard : why does when one hate mercanary park

ryan.ringhof : im staing in here

beagle : thats it, you has awoken ze angery hoovy

*DEAD* Ace : Geep hacking?
sp : no he's asian
sp : just like me


Geep defeated Trips in a duel with a score of 8 to 2!

Lil Fighterz : who gave you permission to call me by Lil Fighterz

Zephor : Geep is gay

LIZARD : BURN BURN BURN in here its so hot! BURN BURN BURN its fire ohmah gooosh

PAPA-FROST : geep ur fking shit


thatmemeguy : how did geep get out of spawn

katana257257 : no one of r medic r afk
katana257257 : geep is a eal cunt

Young Modulus ϡ : fuck u geep

*DEAD* cookie12345 : dead ringer doesnt work and usless

*DEAD* Tacopug : geep suck my pug chode

*DEAD* Phossu : geep you cheating cunt
*DEAD* Phossu : care to explain?

Phossu : you're a fucking loser that can't play the game for shit so you pick demo, take all the ego you want

*DEAD* BR34D : nice hacks bro

(TEAM) Bennytek : What does that mean?
(TEAM) geep : what does oba mean?
(TEAM) Bennytek : Yes
(TEAM) Bennytek : gg wp

꽃fifi : i swear i am a girl or else i will not have my penis

*DEAD* hef : whats oba

*DEAD* Planets (no sound) : geep is hacking, someone kick

oaster left the game (Disconnect by user.)
the toko : fuckin no life bro
(Voice) geep: Thanks!
the toko : geep fuck off
*DEAD* pispis : geep ur homosexual

Omega_Squeezy : geep confirmed jew

(REVS)Infected : and if geep kill me again im gonna break my mouse and keyboard

*DEAD* Mr, Mexican Walrus : yep geep is a dickhole
*DEAD* zacfox : you're so fucking trash

Creepysin : fucking stickyes

● geep‎ : this is just like OBA
Rollie‎ : wuts that
● geep‎ : OP OP OP

*DEAD* truht : I mean I'm better than most of the people on this server by a long shot

(TEAM) mark.dainer : how wants choclate bar

*DEAD* juice_box1_ : what fuck hapen
juice_box1_ : hwo fuck ti play

kombikid451 : geep stopit you little nigga

<3 Gamer Girl Daniella <3 : too many cocks ruin geeps mums birthday org

*DEAD* Phallic popsicle : geep is gay

markbotterill : we need inginer

*DEAD* dirty duke : geep you toad
*DEAD*(TEAM) catmandocan : lol
*DEAD* disckord : nigga geep ur fucked
disckord left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Burt Macklin - FBI : geep, turn your hax off
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