ebic gaymer boi
add me if you wanna play monhun, chiv, for honor, lethal league blaze, or tf2
rara#0732 is my discord, or just add me here
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I often say “If you only want to make a game that’s balanced, you can do it tomorrow.” This is goofy way of explaining it, but take Tekken for instance, sure there might be a difference between playing on 1P or 2P side, but if the only playable character was Kazuya, then theoretically the game would be balanced. But if you do this and say “Well, that’s not fun,” then the topic changes. Even though we were supposed to be talking about balance, these feelings come out. - Katsuhiro Harada, Producer of Tekken

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Sha Oct 27 @ 7:35pm 
hit 👋👊 or miss👋😳✨ i guess 🤔 they never ❌🚫 miss 👋😔huh 🤠 you got a boyfriend 😛💑💏 i bet he doesn’t kiss 😘💋 ya 😂 muah✨👄😘✨he gon find👀👓🔍another girl👧🏻👫💑💏 and he won’t❌🚫miss ya😔💔😎he gon skrrt💨 then hit the dab🤪like wiz khalifa✨😘
rara Oct 19 @ 8:25pm 
Sha Oct 17 @ 8:06am 
gaming time Oct 13 @ 10:42am 
The other 👈 day 🌞I Nae-naed 👋my libertard 🏳️‍🌈history 📖teacher👵 so hard 😫in 👇class✏️. She 👩was ☝️saying 🗣something 💤about 💩gun 🔫or birth 👪control ✋ ( can't 🙅‍♂️really 💪remember 🤔which 🙌one👆 ) and ➕I 👁stood🚶 up 👆and ➕said 🗣,"facts 📜don't🙅‍♂️ care ❤️about 🎩your👉 feelings💑, snowflake ❄️ ." My 🙏entire 🙌class📓looked 👀at @ me 👤and ➕I 👁seized 👋the moment ☀️by 👊doing 🏃🏿my 💁‍♂️epicest 💯troll 😜face 😎and ➕then 👉I 👁said🗣,"trolololololololoolololol 😂haha 😂owned👊" and ➕sat 🚽back 👈down👇. My 🙏liberal 🏳️‍🌈classmates 📙were 👀so 😳shocked 😳at @ how 💁‍♂️epic 💯my 🙏roast 🔥was 👈that nobody 0️⃣said 🗣anything 🌐for4️⃣ a solid 💎5 minutes⏱ and ➕just ❕looked 👀at @ me 👤!!! Hahahaha
gaming time Aug 11 @ 2:18am 
you're stuck with me, aint it beautiful:msfortune:
rara Aug 11 @ 1:25am 
you scare away all of the potential friends i could make