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3/1/16 - 10/7/16

6/21/16 - Beograd

10/7/16 - 1/7/17

1/8/17 - 3/3/17
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greetings fella welcome to the big one

my favorite size is D for dragon :D

I am the declared ANIME KING of SERBIA and MONTENEGRO

i hear with my eyes i see with my ears i am not a human being


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If you add me, and I accept, message me right away with the reason for adding me. If you do not, I will delete you. I also do not accept group invitations.

Quotes by me / my men

I'm going to get into modeling. - Gavrilo 2016

I care more about how much water splashes on my ass when I take a dump, than Ukrainian soldiers. - Gavrilo 2016

I'm never going to need to learn French, I'd rather -... decode...- your mom's... - big fat jiggly ass - Gavrilo

I like the sakura pedals , they're dope. (friend laughing his ass off), oops, sorry, I was too busy looking at Yamato's tits - Gavrilo 2016 in Montenegro

I was up 'till 2AM grinding Fubuki-, oh wait, that didn't sound right.. - Gavrilo 2016 in Montenegro

"who nows" - Unnown

"aint nothin wrong with a little 'h' " - Gavrilo 2016 in Montenegro (you can guess what 'H' means.)

'Friend: thank u my muscle man. Me: you're welcome hot momma' - Gavrilo & Toucan 2016

'I have no objections to being raped by a crazy Serb' - Belgian 2017

"John Proctor: Rafiru called me a niggggger cake! CNN? Please report this!" - some negroid


"God, I love Toru's breasts.... why did I say that..." - Gavrilo 2017

"I wish Kaga would suffocate me with her big thicc thighs - Toucan 2017

"Oh, you're drunk? Get in your ride, take it for a spin, and crash and burn to death and die" - Toucan 2017 to a redneck at 2:30 AM

I have appeared to develop a juice-squirting sack attached to my buttox. - Gavrilo 2017

USA: Japan, if you're a stupid cunt, say nothing. (I was muted, so I couldn't type anything) USA: Well, it appears that Japan is a stupid cunt, then!

"What the tapdancing fuck is wrong with you people?" - Gavrilo 2017

"neck deep in the booty juice lmaoooooooooooooooooooo" - Gavrilo 2017

"My Momma Said Yall Cant Fix Stupid And By God She Was Right" - Gavrilo 2017

"DontLikeYouStop (North Korea): nah, he just screams nigger in all caps" - some negroid being asked why he bans be from his games

"I hope you make a huge racism onfront of a really mad black guy and he pounds your face in" - Gavrilo 2017

"You know, according to Serbian mythology, if a moth encounters you randomly at night, it means yall aint shit" - Gavrilo 2017

"u only get won shot, won opportunity" - Stalingrad Veteran volunteering in the NVA , battle of Cu-Chi, 1961

"I am a nigga and I have three legs" - Dima 2017

(After a 100% fair, and not rigged democratic poll for then next anime I'll watch)"yea, shut the fuck up hillary clinton of anime" - Toucan 2017

"my dad got blowed up by a super mad chinese guy in the battle of kong hong" - Gavrilo 2017 in Serbia4

(In regards to a recent airsoft game) "You know, if this were real life, they wouldn't be complaining to the ref, they'd be in pieces, or dying. That's why I think it'd be cool if this were real war. - My dad in Montenegro 2017

"You just sit there, with half eaten food sticking out of your mouth, staring into space. It's a mental disease called being yourself." - Gavrilo in Montenegro 2017

"So, implying Germans are monkeys, which they are, The FRG, The reichs, blah blah blah, are apes and monkeys throwing shit at eachother, while the GDR are like cool, trained monkeys wearing jackets and fezzes that compliment the shoes you're wearing." Gavrilo 2017 in Montenegro

Me:"Why did Pein kill Jiraiya???" Friend: umm, spolier!! i wuz gunna wotch dwagon ball!!!'' - Retarded Toucan in Serbia or Montenegro

Me: "if a franklin is such a good one then how do he meat michael"? "well fwanklin break into the big house to jack the huge whip then michael been in the black with a big gun cuz he did a one to the whip" - Toucan 2017

"Man, if I were a girl, I'd be pregnant by how hard we just got fucked back there." - Steve the Savage at the Battle of B

"Who we're calling is not much of a lady... But not quite a woman, either. Many know her as the electronics person. I know her as, 'we aint got enemas' '' - Gavrilo in 2017

Yeah, but the thing is with bootleg figurines is they're not genuine figurines, some Hong Kong monkey made it in it's bathtub. - Gavrilo 2017 in Russia

Me: I'm pissed off, I'm pissed off, I'm pissed off, I'm pissed off... SWAT, I'm pissed off. SWAT: WHAT SHOULD I DO, JERK YOU OFF? SWAT 2017

"I honestly think the anime is messing with your head". - p2 being an angry fella

Me: I gotta' glock in my 'rari. Maki: I gotta glock in my Bugatti. Me:I gotta glock in my resistance of materialistic possessions in order to pursue a fulfilling life. - Gavrilo 2017

(In Doki Doki Literature Club Highschool on VRChat) Me: Oh, I LOVE Your Reality, I listen to that shit in the shower! - Gavrilo 2018 in VRChat

"I seem like a mega thirsty virgin via texts, but if she ever speaks to me in person for more than like, 10 minutes, her panties will soaked" - Gavrilo 2018

"Why is life always on Ironman mode? - Gavrilo 2018 while chasing e-girls

yeah, I like to Dab:
D: all
A: egirls
B: must die
- Toucan 2018

While performing "surgery" on his desk fan, bruh what the fuck this shit stronger than modern china" - Toucan 2018

"Bruh I'd fuck her so hard that I'd never cum again. like, my cum would be investments and her vagina would be the stock market" - Gavrilo 2018

"bruh one day I'll be a cute trap w/ makeup and the next day I'll fuck your bitch" - Nikola 2018

""Speaking to the PS4 VR users in RecRoom on my Rift was like speaking to villagers of an african society who haven't discovered water yet" - Nikola 2018

"You know you're a redneck, when the only confirmation to an anime character's gender is the hentai you've seen of them" - Nikola 2018

"Nigga your entire country looks like East L.A and smells like Walmart" - Nikola 2018

"The only fetish I have for fat chicks is putting them 6ft under bruh." - Nikola 2018

"Isn't the trap scenario the best? The best of both worlds! A cute girl that has a penis" - Maddie 2018

"I understand, it can be hard to comprehend this how flawless Sans is. The human mind cannot process just how perfect he is."

"On 2008 Twitter, you could give the recipe for crack, but now you can't call a bitch fat - FunBox 2019

"Yeah, I missed every shot because I was totally texting Belle Delphine....... You believe me right?" - Nikola 2019

""I did 130 dmg with fucking re45 and then like 90 with devotion, and gibraltar sits back and masturbates to cartoons" - Uros 2019
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Just added you about an avatars you could possibly help me with, thanks 😊
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+rep Great VRchat model maker
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Аниме сосамба!!!
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add me if you have the chance
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