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God Forgives, Gauurav Doesnt

Gaurav "Gauurav" Kumar
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Favourite Players
KennyS, Shox, NiKo

Favourite Team
wherever KennyS is.

I dont play compe maybe sometimes. I mostly play LAN

Work So Hard that one day your signature becomes an autograph..

I Reject Rejection,I've never played fair.

Adding without commenting on my profile will be ignored-
Dont Beg me for skins!Please!

I wanna become a csgo pro player <3
i love donating to my bff who is:http://steamcommunity.com/id/ShotzzAtTwitch/
donations i have done to my bff:Awp Fever Dream ,M4a1-s basilisk and st usp-s torque
+rep me for my play :)
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4K | Playtonia.com Jun 28 @ 4:04pm 
what font ?
✪noone Jun 26 @ 1:37am 
+rep .pretty good for his age.
IDM Jun 16 @ 3:14pm 
cyka <3
Weird Triangle Jun 2 @ 8:02am 
hey noob go play with idm aka youreapain
✪ NoX Mar 27 @ 11:01pm 
+rep Boy wonder
Robin hood Mar 4 @ 1:36am 
Nice inventory. I would like to trade