Gary The Prophet
GaryFTDubbs, GaryFTW, GTProphet   Nebraska, United States
Am I an actual prophet? I'm still waiting for a call from the Big Guy :P

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Youtube Channel:
Link to my speedruns:
Discord: Gary The Prophet#0811

Greatest Achievements:
- I'm permanently banned from Double Action Boogaloo
- I beat Cuphead in under 28 minutes
- I farmed for seven months before I got my first Retold Tale... (I guess not really an accomplishment.)

Top 10 Favorite Games of All Time:
1. Dig Dug
2. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy
3. Bloodborne
4. Team Fortress 2
5. No One Lives Forever
6. Borderlands 2
7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
8. Bioshock Infinite
9. Super Mario Bros 3
10. Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

The Official Lividbus6 Eaten By a Hag Counter: 8
Rescued from a Hag: 3

Read this before friending me or wanting to trade with me:
1. Unless I know you irl, if you are offline for more than 100 days I will unfriend you. (This rule will only apply if my friends list gets full)
2. If you want to do a video collab with me, message me on discord.
3. I don't accept money as a trade offer.
4. No private profiles or any profiles under level 5 (If we have played together, I'll make an exception. This is due to scammers so no hard feelings).
5. Don't add me to promote your website and/or group. I will say no.
6. Repping me is not a reason for me to accept your friend request.
7. If you are wanting to add me to talk (youtube, trading, etc.), message me on discord.

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Gary The Prophet's Hall of Quotes
"As soggy as a hotdog." (Larry)
"You have to make your videos for like all 3 of your fans" (Shadow)
"You were a poptropica kid, weren't you?" (Larry)
"I prefer my pizza to be MUMPH" (Pipis)
"What is your cup size?" (Larry)
"I regret a lot of things." (Llama)
"Gary you beautiful creature." (Shadow)
"I swear to drunk, I'm not God." (Drunk Guy)
"Shadow, you and I need to go to Hooter's. You go for the wings and I go for the breasts." (Larry)
"No kys I'm too lazy." (Wind)
"You are soggy Capn' Crunch." (Upsilon)
"I may or may not be showing my titties." (Larry)
"Anything with titties, I slap" (Gary)
"Sorry, excuse me." (Pipis)
"It's only porn if you're brave enough." (Mossy)
"Spanish sounds different in Japanese." (Shadow)
"I can't hear you I'm too quiet." (Gary)
"It's CornFlakes & Milk. Guess which one's Milk?" (Llama)
"If you have sex with an apple computer, is it called a steve job?" (Gary)
"What's better than this? Taking a ♥♥♥♥, scooping it out, and shoving it back up your ass." (Larry)
"Canadians, don't you mean Snow Mexicans?" (Shadow)
"I'm John Wick and you can be John Chick." (Llama)
"You just got Detroit." (Gary)
"He took my ass and had unscrupulous amounts of sex with it." (LividBus6)
"Exs are like a box of chocolate, they will kill your dog." (Sam)
"HEY! OVEN!" (Mister Torgue)
"If you had just walked in a straight line and not taken a hundred s curves on your way to Mario Kart Stadium you could have revived me" (Llama)
"Flaaaaamethrooooooweeeerrr!" (Shadow)
"Jesus was crucified on a Honda Civic" (Gary)
"Key cards can't open crowbars." (Executie)
"What turned me into a Republican? Chicago." (Lividbus6)
"Me figure the ♥♥♥♥ frick...yeah (Biggie Cheems)
"Woah! A chair you can sit in!" (Gary)
"That's why doctors spank babies, to crack their butts!" (Llama)
"As Kurt Cobain once said, 'Watch this sick no scope!'" (Lividbus6)
"They always ask would you kindly, but never ask how is you kindly?" (Gary)
"Stick a stick of butter in cottage cheese and lick it like fun dip." (Biggie Cheems)
"This is the titty of sandwiches." (Llama)
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Man is lowkey obsessed with Destiny 2 btw
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+rep, add me
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just in case you dont remember i met you in game