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ᴿᴺᴳ smug.jpg (in army) 14 nov. 2018 à 3h26 
+rep deleted server when friend got frustrated and left it lul
₩IKI 23 oct. 2018 à 21h01 
Csgo call outs on scp
LeBeau 13 oct. 2018 à 18h06 
Bloody libtards
ᴿᴺᴳ smug.jpg (in army) 10 oct. 2018 à 7h16 
dont care virgin
ᴿᴺᴳ smug.jpg (in army) 10 oct. 2018 à 6h21 
bingo bango bongo
SOMEONES TRYING TO GET IN 10 oct. 2018 à 6h03 
stop changing your name libtard