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Flowers -Le volume sur ete-
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Replacing musics, posters, and model props for the Dark Carnival concert, and some props for the other chapters of Dark Carnival.
Spoiler for the spring and summer game. No spoiler for autumn/winter except it contains songs from autumn.
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Score: 7/10

Spoiler warning: If you don't want any spoilers for this game, jump to the last paragraph
# (I will refer to this game as Spring, Flowers -Le volume sur ete- as Summer, Flowers -Le volume sur Automne- as Autumn, and Flowers -Le volume sur hiver- as Winter.)
# (I will talk about the entire series sometimes, but no spoilers for the later games)

Scores for the series
Whole Flowers Series: 9/10
Spring: 7/10
Summer: 10/10 (Review)
Autumn: 9/10 (Review)
Winter: 8/10

Flowers is greatly influenced by Maria watches over us (Or Maria-sama ga miteru). However, unlike most yuri works that simply copies the setting of being in a Christian all-girl school, or the onee-sama relationships, this series catches one of the most important points: the growth of girls. The subtitle for flowers is "the tale of the girls who grow with a season", and that is exactly what happens.

It is a refreshing to have the main protagonist, Suoh Shirahane, to be an exetremely introverted, yet beautiful girl. Besides from learning other characters' personalities, it is also an interesting experience to get to know Suoh's character little by little. However, as the game proceeds, she graduately overcomes her shortcomes and also her traumatic experience from interacting with people. By the end of the game (and also the entire series), it is amazing to realize how strong she has become. The same applies to every main character in the entire series.

The art style is definately the top tier, and so are the musics including background musics and opening/ending theme songs. I own every CDs of Flowers, vocal collection and OSTs, and it's great to listen to them while driving.

The game system is straighforward once you learn it: there will be feedback right after every choice, so you know whether you made the right choice. However, what's not straightforward, is the mysteries. Spring is the game where the developers did not figure out how to set up those puzzles, and ends up with exetremely difficult questions impossible for players to solve. It is getting better after the Summer game, so for this game, I will highly suggest just follow the walkthroughs on the mystery parts.

Another reason I rate Spring as the worst game of the entire series, is the suffering part (you should know where I am refering to if you finish the game). It bothered me so much, that I am still unable to forgive a certain character even after the winter game. I went through this game at least four times, and I would always skip this part. Suffering is a common thing throughout the entire series, but unlike this part I am talking about, most of them being in a somehow enjoyable way. A good example will be the true end - although it's definately not a pleasant ending, I could still like it.

Overall, it has some obvious shortcomings, but this is also the first step to the best Yuri visual novel series. You would never regret playing it, and please proceed to the next game after you finish this one.

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