Gelderland, Netherlands
please don't add me for workshop stuff or trades
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Синька May 22 @ 8:44am 
Just +rep
Postal May 14 @ 4:27am 
git gud
ramen noodle May 10 @ 7:52am 
Hi man, I'm not sure you reading this, but I just want to say that my biggest steam dream is to have you in my friends list. You have amazing profile, cool games collection and I also think you are just very kind and polite guy. I seen that you now accepting request very rarely, but I hope you can give me a chance to be a part of your friends list, because It's not my fault that i'm new steam user. (I seen that you accepting requests some time ago). I'm very kind, using activity feed, leaving comments on friends profiles etc. And the most important. I just want to check that you reading comments or not. If you accept my request or just sent me request it will be the best day on my steam life :D So I hope you can do a exception and add me. Anyway, its your choice. I wish you all the best and see you in the future.
BackstAbby May 7 @ 9:21am 
hello milfs ladies and shemales welcome on my profile
this is my first & only goodbye post and you guys in the community have made yourselves pretty clear in that i won't be receiving friendly ratings so maybe consider moving on and ignoring it instead of purposefully being a cunt on the post?
nagu nagu Jan 12 @ 10:43am 
I'd do more than just lift you up with my finger