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Important things to consider:
If you're an especially intense kind of weeb, here's a nice info to look into: - first 9 minutes (if you gonna watch the whole thing, stop and watch this instead this one especially if you like politics and ethnicities
Search:hachishaku-hachiwa-keraku-meguri-igyou-kaikitan-episode-1-raw/ - if you watch anime and porn, but won't watch this whole thing, then you suck and you will never get the truth.

If you're a part of lgbtqa community, here's nice tips and tricks:

If you're brony proud, here's useful info:

:Eye_tv::demoneye::drownerbrain:Some concrete info about porn which can actually change your life:

I'm usually busy spooning my Konata Izumi body pillow, listening to my Hatsune Miku Vocaloid mixtape, or polishing my collection of Shingeki no Kyojin mint condition katanas (that means Attack on Titan ninja swords that cost my dad 400£ each for all you whiteboy american speaking plebs lol).
If I'm not watching anime, I'll probably be hacking it up with my fellow japanese gamers so you better watch out because I'm kawaii in the streets and senpai in the sheets.

weeb: >implying it permeates and corrupts my room, which I don't go out of except to get groceries and go to work *ahegao.swf*
man: Then why don't you just commit suicide, you nihilistic weebshit?
weeb: Because I have fun on the computer in my room by myself, not having to deal with other people.
man: so basically you're an empty soulless rat of a person
weeb: >this implications
Wew lad
man: >his only reason to live is because he has fun on his computer in his room by himself
wew lad indeed

"Stop just toying with nihilism and fully embrace it already, then kill yourself so I don't have to read another one of your shitposts."

This is what I do to you all degens

Raven’s a chilled out guy. He worships Norse gods by sticking his boyfriend’s fist in his arse and then at sunset goes home to his wife of 19 years. His boyfriend used to be a woman, his wife used to be a man, and Raven himself used to be a woman – but that’s semantics.

Anyone that uses the term "degenerates" unironically is a friend of mine.

Kris18Bot: "Don't trust the validity of quotes on the internet." ~Abraham Lincoln, 1984

To know who rules over you, just find out who you are not allowed to criticize.


The best representation of how I feel about about weebs, listen carefully:
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Stop watching porn. If you're triggered and still daily jerk off to your 2d "waifu" fucked by your 2d negro, try arguing with this:

Ok, the profile info box above was just jokes. Here's my real opinion on weebs and some other degens:

:CapitalDome::csgogun::wololo: Do You Support Me Being Shot?
["Yes."] ["No."] ["That would violate the Non-Aggression Principle."]

Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. Robert E. Howard


We have not inherited Thule from our ancestors;
We have borrowed it from our children.

We are nothing without millions of years of evolution. And the giants of tomorrow will stand on our shoulders too.



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MeTaL GuArD Oct 26 @ 5:36am 
Sorry mate, I got tired of everyone getting in the way every single time.

Invictus Oct 3 @ 10:49am 
You can't talk about not watching porn and not link a varg video
weevil empire Sep 6 @ 4:14am 
i'm not alex jones, i haven't watched tranny porn
Mig Beamer Aug 25 @ 8:14pm 
The only part of John Mccain that's in heaven is his brain tumor
harbl Aug 11 @ 2:53pm 
god bless you mate, keep fighting the good fight