Sgt. Badass
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Currently now posting less content and specifically in the artwork section because the watermark tool is still not back on the Gmod workshop yet.

Please do not repost my content elsewhere without permission.

My dA profile []

I'm only giving out my Discord to friends only, the ones I trust more.

Info about me:

Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Male
Consoles/handhelds that I own: Switch
Favorite type of music: Rock & metal
Relationship status: Open

I took a personality test, and apparently I'm an ENTJ-A type.

My favorites are Borderlands video games, any kind of FPS video games & mostly getting truckload of achievements.
Well, mostly achievement hunting is what I'm best at. But I'll still have plenty of time to hop into online multiplayer once in a while.

I'm more of a pokefur because of the amount of pokemon crap I do lol

Ask for my Switch friend code. I'll only allow friends I trust to add me.

Also my favorite Pokemon are Umbreon & Ampharos.

So, my birthdate's 21/08/1990 cuz I've grown up playing vidya and done awesome crap on the net.
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Follow me on Twitter here for stuff and other things. DM me there if you need to ask anything in private.

Luck is a random thing. It can literally happen to anyone no matter where they are. Sometimes you think you've got it, other times you feel like you're being jinxed
To anyone I lost interest in, stop bugging the hell outta me through my friends. I don't want to bring this up for ANY reason because I am not going to talk about it and that's it. It annoys me and it's a waste of my time.
Make an effort to post on my profile with a reason before removing.
Do note that I cannot see unread messages in chat, even on the web browser version when you don't have me added. So please DO NOT use the chat to send an message and unfriend before I come online. Seriously, make an effort at least to do so.
If you've got some questions, then at least just ask me any questions in private instead of commenting publically as I'd rather not have it cluttering up the comments section.
Current gaming setup I have now:

Acer Nitro 5
Logitech G403 Prodigy

Current specs:

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060
Intel Core i5-10300H

Will update my gaming setup as soon I get a more powerful PC one day, so I can play more PC games.
Got questions to ask? Then ask on my profile here []
#1 - Don't be an idiot

The very first thing that comes to mind once you have started on Steam with the usual stuff. Drama can be found on the internet everywhere, and it is usually the people that have unwarranted self-importance issues. Make friends with those that you feel that you should really trust the most for a long time.

#2 - Check the links, even if you have to double check or triple check it

When someone adds you on Steam, chances are that someone is giving you a fake link to a fake site... it is not the real thing. Do not trust the fake links, as they try to screw you over and steal everything. Look at the web address they post, and if you notice that something is off, that's when they are trying to tell you it's real... but it's not. They are just making up bullcrap when they try to give fake links. Never trust the fake links.

#3 - Beef up your PC specs

When you get games on Steam, be sure that you have a powerful gaming laptop/desktop that can run the games fine. If it is a laptop/desktop with the "crap tier" specs, then the games you play are going to lag very badly as hell. Give it a lot more power, and a little more kick to make it powerful as possible, then you have that set for the future games.

#4 - Comment before you add me

Anyone below level 5 has to drop a comment on my profile before adding me, and must have several friends in common as well.

Leaving comments that are unnecessary will result in the add being permamently rejected. Think really carefully about what goes on a comment before you actually post.

#5 - Think before you post a comment on my profile

Due to the comments I've been getting recently (eg. being asked to tone down on crap, calling it awful, etc.), those kind of comments will be removed without notification and it will not remain on my profile for more than 5 seconds. Anything that a user posts on my profile is not allowed, so keep it to yourself.

NOTE: While I do have over 1000 hours on Gmod, my skills are actually fairly great because I am over 20 years old. It is rude to assume so those assuming the age all wrong will have their comments deleted without warning because I frankly do not care for their dumb idiotic stuff.

Have some common sense and ignore it if you don't like it, don't comment.
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It's all or nothing.
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A collection of Pokemon ragdolls and tools used for posing.

Just hit the "subscribe to all" button and you can start Gmod with the right posing tools you need to make screenshots with. This collection will be updated in the future when new Pokemon ragdo
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reski Oct 10 @ 8:18pm 
mizurush Sep 23 @ 9:22am 
hey, we have a lot of friends in common so i wanted to add ya, tryin to make friends
PixelGamer Sep 2 @ 6:26pm 
just looking to add high level people :/
Mew1995 Aug 23 @ 12:43am 
Hi Badass, idk when i removed you but i think it was while something private was going on. If you can forgive me for the silent remove (what i dont expect you to do) and wish to become friends with me again, please send me a friend request on steam. I am really sorry that i silentremoved you and wish you still a great day.
Shaxx Aug 4 @ 2:02pm 
Just buy cards or have them given to you, and buy gem packs and use those to make booster packs. Best to stock up on them for whenever sales happen.