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Oh and the fun is in the chase, once you're down you're no fun ;)
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Things You'll Immediately Need
SKIAL SERVER RULES [] (read ASAP, ignorance is not an excuse)
Report a player breaking the rules []
Report a scammer []
Report something wrong with a server or the forums []

Helpful Information
First things first, run NVidia ShadowPlay or something similar so if a rule violation happens, a single button press will save the last 5 minutes (or whatever you set) and you didn't miss anything. This will especially help those who think they've been unfairly voted against. Think of it as a TF2 dashcam.
If someone is breaking a rule in the server and it is something that occurs over a period of time (mic spam, griefing, friendlying, etc.) it is a good habit to record a demo FIRST before making a report or using the in-game /report command. Information on recording a demo can be found here: and here:
Once you have a demo, upload it somewhere an admin can easily download it; there are plenty of file sharing sites around. Just make sure you don't need an account to download, we aren't going to make a million accounts for all the file sharing sites people might decide to use. Now you have evidence to put in the report thread! If you made an in-game report, you'll have to come to the forums and comment on the thread started by our reporter bot.

If someone is breaking a rule and it's something that is immediate and does not require a demo (illegal spray, spamming, etc.) a screenshot will suffice. Upload it somewhere we can easily see it, again there are a million photo sharing sites out there, and same as with the demo make sure we don't need an account to see the picture. Same as above, come to the forums and put it in the report thread (preferably inline).

Other Things To Keep In Mind
Skial admins are few compared to the thousands of players we host daily, so help us help you! Gather evidence, make reports, and play nice! We try to make it around to all the servers and check in on them, but we can't be everywhere at once; we are only human.
Don't add me to appeal a silence or ban, make a formal appeal in the forums (see link above).
I don't accept friend requests from private profiles.

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