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You can get the Megalopolist AI from going to the Extras section in the menu and connecting to G2G. Go to their AI persona page, select some AI you want (it's a nightmare to browse but you can easily find Megalopolist with the search).

It's not a workaround really though. The 3rd player will still buy neutral armies and will still begin to reveal locations around the neutrals, being able to introduce themselves to players and connecting the world artificially if you happen to be playing in a mode where groups of players are separated from each other. Two continents will begin opening up global trade routes (despite costs be significantly higher), begin starting diplomacy across them, giving each other advantages, all before everyone's even on the water. By the time you can effectively pirate them, it's too late.
Aug 29 @ 6:04am
In topic [1.2.116] Version Notes
Really looking forward to the Player 3 infinite rep fix :steamthumbsup:
Aug 26 @ 10:36am
In topic How can I contact you?
Outlook. I tried a few days ago. Tried again today, but funny enough, it JUST arrived.

Edit: However it still doesn't work. Hangs once hitting the "Confirm" button on at loading seemingly forever... however, I did finally manage to guess the right password since I can make rapidly frequent attempts in game (unlike in a browser). I'm supposing their servers aren't able to handle the traffic or something because even the recovery email itself was full of broken images.
Aug 26 @ 10:19am
In topic How can I contact you?
I do not get a recovery email. Tried several email addresses as well. Checked junk folder etc.
Aug 26 @ 9:58am
In topic How can I contact you?
G2G password recovery system isn't working. "Support" tab brings me to SEGA which doesn't deal with this.
Aug 26 @ 8:38am
In topic [] Version Notes
I am unable to retrieve my password for games2gether account, nor can I create a new one because regardless of browser or email, I don't receive anything. Really would like to know when this player 3 infinite rep bug will get fixed though because its absolutely ruining the game.
sounds like the plot to the first season of game of thrones
(Not receiving any emails to any email address with pword recovery or even trying to make a new account on official forums.)

Description: Even dead, player 3, regardless of character chosen, always seems to gain rep with a neutral faction and there's no way to change this. It's listed as "Shared Influence", but it's not clear what that is.

Steps to Reproduce: Play the game and observe the rep gain on a neutral faction when it appears.

Expected Behavior: They don't gain rep with factions they haven't even made contact with yet (unless perhaps this is a specific AI trait, but currently it doesn't appear to be).

Currently my workaround to this bug is to restart games until player 3 is near me and destroy them right away
Old maps have empires with with claimed territory all over the place, probably most famous being The British Empire. And I don't particularly know the deal with Lesotho but it's right in the center of South Africa.
Aug 23 @ 11:03am
In topic AI starts are INSANE
"The game currently has a glitch where the 3rd player in every game is always in contact with every Independent People, which is what you are experiencing. Hopefully it will be fixed soon."

Is this a glitch? Because I find it incredibly annoying and its completely ruining the games I've been trying to set up. A match with around 3 continents where 10 players keep separated until after the medieval age or so, but instead we get the entire world connected by the end of the second age (7880 BCE) and its possible to set up global trade routes almost immediately. Also, all of the independents get bought out by this 3rd player by the medieval age it seems unless you destroy them or take them yourself (when I just want them to stay as independents)
I just don't understand how it's calculated and it seems to be rather random. I won a war after taking the opponents only city and had the option to vassalize it as I had 250 points and it only cost 150. I reloaded the game on the same turn and I only had 100 points this time. I reloaded the game 2 turns before and retook the city again and had 109 points.

Aug 21 @ 3:19pm
In topic Do horses neigh too much?
Or is it just me?
Aug 21 @ 3:18pm
In topic Forced Surrender are terrible
I find that it works as a pretty good deterrent to careless warmongering. If you fail to overwhelm your opponent in any meaningful way and don't outright conquer them, and aren't a warmongering type with bonuses to small victories etc., then it makes sense that a population would sway and see you as a tyrant.

I just wonder why they don't become neutral territories as "Liberated" types with a strong relationship to their "liberators".
Aug 17 @ 12:45pm
In topic Forced Surrender is 'mentally challenged'
I'm not sure what's causing this right now, but all of a sudden my colonists have begun hauling every stone chunk on the map to any space that allows them.

Has this ever happened to anyone before? Or any clue as to why that'd suddenly occur?

All I know is that if I start a new game, pawns won't do this. Same mod list in both saves, but the list is pretty long.
Aug 1 @ 5:52pm
In topic Transplanting Bushes and Flowers?
Are there any mods out there that happen to allow the transplanting of existing bushes and flowers on a map? Instead of growing fresh new flowers or bushes just move ones that already exist to wherever you want?

Haven't been able to find much other than organ transplants or various farming additions when searching through any obvious keywords.
Jul 22 @ 1:33am
In topic Only Last Names in Lowercase
Anyone have any idea what causes this? I just started getting this in 1.3 now and I definitely don't have that Startup Impact mod.
Jul 17 @ 11:04am
In topic What do you wish for?
Families. There's code in there for age ranges, childhood, etc.. Maybe unrealistic and kind of ridiculous to expect 14 years to pass before a pawn becomes useful but I imagine there could be some alteration there to where even as children they could be reasonably helpful to the community, if not very tough.

I just want to raise a tribe, not recruit endless amounts of space pirates.
Jun 28 @ 9:37pm
In topic difficulty balance issue_
Kind of agree that the difficulty settings are weird.

I like Legend's low stats on soldiers, low SP gain, no equipment on purchase. Dislike its research pace, and added ridiculousness on some missions (not a fan of a Priest on the NJ mission before the ANU even have Priests).

A tip though to get your feet off the ground on Legend is to utilize the Scarab imo. You CAN complete the NJ/Synedrion missions (can be a bit risky, but there's viable strats with 4 lvl1 soldiers), but it's honestly not really necessary. Just start by scrapping the Access Lift in your main base, build a few grenades (if you're going to do missions and potentially use them) or just begin building the Scarab. Fly around and reveal POIs while doing priority research. Do Symes retreat mission in the daytime (stand in the open and shoot from afar, all enemies are melee and low hp and can be done with naked soldiers with guns). Try to begin construction on a second Fab and Lab asap. Once your Scarab is complete (or if you got lucky and found a claim mission), use this beast to carry you through nearly all of your missions.

* Load infinite inventory into a vehicle by entering a soldier and dropping his items into it.
* 3 soldiers with assault rifles can clear a nest in 1-4 turns on average with a vehicle
* since most resources will be spent on base management early on, the vehicle acts as a valid APC to protect your incredibly weak soldiers in every mission for quick "hit and runs". 2 AP to exit vehicle, 2 AP for action (quick aim, or dash to loot with Ready for Action, etc), free re-enter into vehicle.
* vehicles have so much armor and hp that most enemies within the first month can barely dent it, and many enemies are nearly or outright nullified (mindfraggers. worms, anu/synedrion assaults, priests, sirens, rocket launchers[shreds armor though, but better a vehicle be hit than a soldier])

  1. If you're unconcerned by the notion of "doing whatever it takes to succeed", you can use the Scarab and a few soldiers to steal a few Helios from the Synedrion (since their assaults will be nearly useless, and as long as it's day time you just need to hit-and-run the snipers) faction without putting you too far into the negative (and still ally with later on if you want).
  2. These Helios can scout the map for you real quick, netting you a lot of resources in the process (and used as fighter/trader craft later on).
  3. Keep building Scarabs and putting them on the vehicles that scout in case they get ambushed, and even with just 2 naked soldiers with assault rifles, a scarab/soldier/soldier helios can defend a haven/clear a nest on the other side of the map quite easily.
  4. Restore bases, at least 5 fabs and around 10 labs should make the game quick enough.
  5. If you're REALLY into being an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ or really love New Jericho, back-to-back raid Anu Mats/Food. This'll get you a ton of SP for the soldiers that do the raiding, and a ton of materials to carry you throughout the game and starting turning everyone into Cybernetic monsters.
  6. Finally (not entirely sure of this one since I've never bothered to do it as it's wildly unnecessary), if you're really looking to grind your way to the end fast. Back-to-back raid a New Jericho or Anu research facility with a max speed + talents + equipment for speed + wp + dash, and maybe a friendly or two with high speed and Onslaught. Finish the steal research mission on Turn 0 and repeat. Lose 1 stamina per mission, gain 5 SP per soldier and 50 research or so for the benefit of costing no Geoscape time to do research projects.
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