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Gabriel   Bucuresti, Romania
Tech Support (CSGO/ LoL/Dota 2) @ FACEIT [ ]
ECS Admin (Season 1)
Do not add me regarding FACEIT issues, contact our support department:
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Please read through the following list first. Do also leave a comment stating a reason as to why you've added me. only valid reasons get accepted, and if your request is one of these shown below. you will get declined

Q: Are you really an admin?
A: Yes I am, you can check my FACEIT profile ( CLICK HERE [ ]), and a member of the official FACEIT Admins steam group.

Q: I can't log in, the website refreshes the page when I try to.
A: Try CTRL+F5. This forces a cache refresh and usually resolves this.

Q: I'm still banned even though the ban should have expired by now.
A: What timezone are you in? The expiration date on the ban is listed in GMT (UK Timezone)

Q: I want to retrieve or change my SteamID/FACEITID/eMail adress.
A: Use the support ticket feature and/or go to

Q(idea) have an account related inquiry i.e "user still in quickmatch" error.
A: Use the support ticket feature and/or go to
If you've been waiting several days without a reply, add me.

Q: I'm eligible for a prize/points but I have yet to recieve it.
A: You will recieve what you're eligible for as soon as we've reviewed it.

Q: I need help with an on going game.
A: Use the call admin feature from the FACEIT game room.

Q: i wan't to become a faceit admin. where can i apply?
A: I f you're interested, You have ot submit a ticket here

Q: i have a whitepage, can you fix it?
A: No, you need to Send us a ticket at

Q: I have a question, where can i ask it?
A: ask the question in this steam group, CLICK HERE

Please be wary of FACEIT staff impersonators and scammers
None of our staff members will ask for any of your items (and probably wont give you any either), nor will we ask you to give out personal information such as account info (emails and passwords).
Refer to this Steam group if you're not sure whether or not you're talking to a staff member.

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Nutella257 Sep 16 @ 9:04am 
salut, te-am adaugat pentru o intrebare legata de faceit
Cmertnuk666 Aug 31 @ 12:17pm 
помогите узнать почту от этого аккаунта Xyu-ne-sosal
Flexo Aug 6 @ 1:16pm 
Hello mate. Can you undo my faceit timeout. Couldnt join the server coz of some updates to the antivirus. I did update it but still i couldnt join the game. I have stream recodings of it aswell :)
vindd Jul 24 @ 1:54am 
Yo im adding you because I have a BIG problem on faceit, and yes I wrote a ticket but they still didnt answer, Im adding you because the admins answering to tickets dont seem to care much so I just want to talk for a min with an admin directly.
Say Jul 23 @ 9:34am 
need help on faceit add pls
rafa Jul 21 @ 8:55am