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If you add me please comment below explaining why.
"Added to trade" doesn't explain anything. Everyone adds me to trade lol
When people don't comment why they add me I just assume they did it on accident or are going to waste my time somehow

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I do not have any bots or alternative accounts, all of my activities on Steam are conducted through this account only.

Check my for prices! Prices are firm unless the listing says otherwise. I don't really like playing the negotiation game so what I list an item for is what I actually want.

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Please Read. Read Please.
I DO NOT have any other accounts. I do however have SCAMMERS who pretend to be me so they can steal your items. Be smart and don't log in to the sites they message you please. They will steal your account info.

Don't add me to trade if you can simply send a trade offer. Click the underlined link at the top of my profile to do so.
It is 100x easier for both of us if you send a trade offer for what you want. Want to negotiate or offer non-pure payment? Just send an offer that you think is fair.

If you add me and your inventory is either private or contains nothing I want I will ignore your friend requests. Same goes for if you just want a friend to game with. I have a weird schedule and probably won't be online to play and chat the same time you are.

I do not want your CS:GO or DOTA 2 items.

If your wondering why I blocked you it's most likely because you sent me a REALLY unfair trade offer or were just being annoying. I might consider unblocking if you ask me to on my profile []

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This guide answers a commonly asked question in the world of TF2 unusual trading. It is recommended for players who have recently gotten into trading unusuals and don't want to get ripped off. Please give the guide a thumbs up if it helped you.

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Lucky Jun 6 @ 10:02pm 
Added to discuss warpaints.
Phyxkes Jun 3 @ 4:45am 
kk but thx for listening
Soju Jun 2 @ 8:54pm 
Ah okay, sorry but I'm not interested.
Phyxkes Jun 2 @ 8:52pm 
i know but i didnt mean that you put it on it i just asked if youre interested in it and maybe you have a friend who wants one
Soju Jun 2 @ 8:22pm 
I'd be a fool to actually use the strangifier. It's more valuable just as it is.
Phyxkes Jun 2 @ 8:21pm 
my friend has a VFB Pumpkin head maybe youre interested his name is festive