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Hi,Before adding me. Read info below!
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---> TRADE LINK <---

MY TF2 BACKPACK: [backpack.tf] I'am always selling my entire backpack. Beside that. If U need an item and its not in my backpack? Comment below / add me and I can look it uo for u.

My Outpost Link: [www.tf2outpost.com] Also a place where I sell but with prices included!.

Steamrep+ Link: [steamrep.com]Never Scammed. Or Anything Like That.

I'am always open for a good deal. That means I buy most items if there discounted!

If u add me 9/10 times I will unfriend after the deal/trade is done.
Did I unfriend u and u want to have me back ? Just send a new friend request :)

============================About Me============================

1e Game on steam = Tf2
Played it for 1000+ hours
Started Unusual Trading last year in december 2015.
Stopped mostly with tf2 trading going over to cs:go.

I started in the old days with a sold trading card and bought a giftapult and so I got a prem Tf2 account.
From there on I had some friends that helped me and gave me some items.(Most I've never sold.)
From items. Scrabbanking. Selling strangers. Getting in touch with hats. Items. Killstreaks. and at last Unusual trading.
So if u want it. U can get there. Its just takes time.

Beside that.
I Live in Holland.
My most played game = Team Fortress 2


1: Don't random add. And if u wont respond if ure online I will remove u as friend. Add me again if u have time for it.
2: Don't spamm me.
3: I also have a life beside steam etc. so sometimes I'am not on. But when I get. I always reply to what u said or any trades u sended.
4: If I dont respond when I'am on. I might be just bussy. As in rule 3. I will always respond to whatever u will say.But i also have a life so take it easy on me.
5: I don't like private profiles. Unless u have a really good reason. I wont trade with u before u unprivate it.

============================Report Wall============================

This is te section of my profile with people I want to warn u for. Don't trade with any off these traders. Also I ask u to report them. To keep steam and Trading fun & safe!

(Profile link) Lowballing, Calling me a scammer. Wants free items
(Profile link) Tried to scamm me.
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Thanks for trading level up service!
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+rep legit seller
G4bb0. cs.money Apr 8 @ 4:49am 
ClokcWork. Best fun i've had in a long time. Nice to have spoken to you! Talked to the cops. They liked the story!
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added to buy
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first game within like 4 months sry. couldnt play anywhere else with a mate. he had much laughs tho xd
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