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The Archaic was destroyed but the virus remained.
It appears to have manifested in both sectors.
Find the cause and remove it.

The virus should be located in sector 17 but the teleportation systems are broken soo you
may be transported to infected sectors
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Created by - fzeroman
fzeroman Oct 25, 2022 @ 5:19am 
@[RYC] Robin Yiff
Yeah im still here,i just dont game much anymore.Mostly draw fzero comics now. Thanks for the link,ive been a follower of arons work on twitter
[RYC] Robin Yrvriff Oct 22, 2022 @ 4:49pm 
If you are still out there fzeroman, you should check out https://store.steampowered.com/app/2160360/Aero_GPX/ . It's right up your alley.
The Door to Guf Mar 9, 2021 @ 11:47am 
Great Nitronic Rush player. Added so much to the community.
♠Horstron♠ Mar 31, 2020 @ 11:21am 
Aaah Hellouuuu!!!!
Mumrah May 7, 2019 @ 6:35pm 
Just want to let you know that you're killin' it on the Distance track mods. We need a new F-zero game!
Microwave Aug 15, 2018 @ 3:01pm 
+rep makes great distance maps:luv::8bitheart::luv: