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I don't like anything
I don't have friends
I don't go outside
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Ugc s21 iron: Frantic (4th)
Ugc s25 platinum: moonlight dive (2nd) (sub)
Esea s24 open: Farmers of le roundtable (9th)
Esea s25 opim: Aubrey Plaza Fanclub
Esea s26 opim: Omni5 esports (5th)
Esea s27 im: Omni5 esports (2nd)
Esea s28 im: sporadic esports


Ugc s19 iron: $25 pizza
Ugc s20 silver: Gibus with attitude
Ugc s21 silver: Hash money records
Ugc s22 silver: Pop your pipes (2nd) (demo all star)
Ugc s23 platinum: Insane amounts of money eSports (5th)
Ugc s24 platinum: second wind (5th)
Ugc s25 platinum: team spu


Ugc s10 silver: Frantic Reborn
Ugc s11 silver: Frantic Reborn (1st)
Ugc s12 gold: Planet of the apes (1st)

radical (Score:20) defeats mynameisfyggandicareaboutelo (Score:16) in duel to 20 on Badlands Middle.
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91.6 hrs past 2 weeks this must be why u privated ur profile all this time
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Scarlett :fadeheart:
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unprivated profile !!
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