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Van Glock Sep 23 @ 12:59pm 
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SMILLE Sep 8 @ 11:57am 
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agresor666mengele Jul 12 @ 6:33am 
Now this is a story all about how I placed a dispenser at my current location. And I'd like to take a minute; just sit right there and I'll tell you how I gotta move that gear up. In teu fort born and raised, on the provisions inc fields is where I spent most of my days. Chilling out maxing relaxing all cool and dispensing ammo and health outside of the base, when a couple of spies who were up to no good, starting sapping my dispenser. I got one need a teleporter request and my mom got scared and said "You're placing a dispenser here." I whistled for an engineer and when he came near I requested a teleporter at my current location. If anything I could say that I was lacking dispensers at my current location, but I thought forget it, place a dispenser here! The engineer started building a dispenser about seven or eight minutes of beating him with a bat and asking for a dispenser, and I yelled YA! YA! THANKS! Looked at my dispenser, I finally had it!
vidjeffxd Jul 10 @ 10:51am 
vidjeffxd Jul 10 @ 10:51am 

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