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Posted: May 20 @ 12:39am
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To be honest, I am a bit surprised that Hello, Goodbye has so few reviews right now while this game definitely deserves more spotlight. This lovely project might look as yet-another-slice-of-life-nonsense, but turns out to be a surprisingly engaging story full of both hilarious and sad moments. And lots of love, of course.


The Story

The world is in the middle of a serious war conflict – Japan was divided into two factions: The United Provinces of Japan and The Federation of Japan. The parties have concluded a treaty to prevent any aggressive actions towards each other, but it did not mean that any side was ready to give up their ambitions. Almost a century has passed in peace; but now both The United Provinces and The Federation are extremely interested in one of the only neutral zones between them – the Special District Morino.

The United Provinces of Japan decide to send their spy to the esteemed Tenshudo Academy located in the District. He is assigned with the task to collect important information while pretending to be Toubu Kaito, a student of the Academy. An experienced professional, Kaito is not the one to make mistakes or get distracted by cute girls. However, an accidental meeting on the field full of blossoming flowers turns his life upside down because of just a simple mistake. But maybe he will finally find out what happiness truly is?

My thoughts about the game

I should warn you beforehand that I have not completed all the story routes yet mostly because I was somewhat slower than usual last week (maybe just too tired). Anyway, I think I have enough information to understand whether the game is good or bad. I will update my review later if anything changes, of course.

Now, let us discuss the main features of Hello, Goodbye.

As I always say, the most important thing about any visual novel is its quality of writing and the plot. This game mixes various genres such as a love story, some sci-fi, a spy novel, slice-of-life and even drama. There were just enough funny and calm scenes that could all of a sudden take turn to something more thrilling like a terrorist attack. You will also be surprised with some time-travelling aspects of the story, but shhh! I did not tell you anything, OK? It will be really interesting to discover everything on your own, trust me. I should also warn you that the prologue is not a short one and the first decision will not pop up right away. There are very few choices in general, so to say, - about 1 or 2 per route. However, there are enough of them for multiple endings. All in all, I really enjoyed reading this story and romantic interests have very different routes and interactions (I can tell this even now although, once again, I have not completed all parts yet).

Speaking about the translation, I noticed some small typos here and there (like capital letters in wrong places or extra words), but that is essentially all I have to complain about.


One of my favorite game features is always the artwork – yes, I like beautiful pictures, fight me! Recently I have reviewed Trinoline, the game that truly impressed me with the amount of animated scenes, characters and backgrounds. Hello, Goodbye cannot boast the same thing, while characters’ sprites do not move at all except for changing facial expressions and poses, and backgrounds are mostly static, but it does not make the artwork any less impressive. All CGs and locations are beautiful hand-drawn pictures; very bright and colorful, too. There are also a lot of scenes that use chibi versions of characters, which is just so cute! The general presentation of the game is very eye-pleasing starting from the user interface and endings with various menus. Still, it is a bit unusual that you cannot access the menu via Esc button – it will hide the dialogue box instead. It is not always convenient to look for the Options to change something in the game or to exit to the main page. Finally, just one small compliment: I do like background pictures that feature people – this make all scenes more lively and realistic compared to lifeless empty locations.

The voice acting is superb to say the least. All characters speak in their own way, and I think that the voices work well with their personalities. The protagonist is silent, unfortunately, but this is quite a common feature for games like this, so you should be used to it. The only person that somewhat bothered me was Therese: is it me or does she really sound like a 15-year-old girl? I wish her voice was more mature. Or I am just used to old grumpy school teachers, I do not know, honestly.

There are a lot of nice music tracks and ambient sounds that blend in perfectly with different situations. The opening and closing songs were not really something I like listening to (I am more into heavy genres), but I think that other people will most probably like both while the singer did a great job. By the way, the game will notify you every time a new track starts through short messages in the top right corner. Ah, also! I was quite surprised that many background tunes included some singing and not just music. I do not remember many visual novels that have something like this. They sound nicely, but at the same time, when a character speaks this sounds really strange – like several people talking simultaneously very close to you. I recommend turning the music volume a bit right from the beginning of your playthrough to deal with this issue.


Small nice things: first, for all people like me who like reading about the history of the game world or just like knowing the lore there is a very useful Glossary that can be accessed easily through the dialogue zone. You see a red-colored word – click it. For diligent reading, you will also get a cute achievement later. Second, if you miss something, you can always return to the previous part of the text and replay the scene – simply use your mouse wheel.

I think that is all I can mention so far, so let us move on to the most important part, which is…

Would I recommend this game?

Yes, I would. Hello, Goodbye is a really nice choice for all kinds of visual novel fans who want to read something nice, relatively short, both funny and sad, and well-written. Of course there are some weak points and not all parts of the story are equally good; there is hardly any game without flaws. Still, the artwork is top-notch, the story is quite engaging, the music will be a good addition to your vast collection of game soundtracks, and the characters are easy to fall in love with. For the asking price, you will get pleasant entertainment for several evenings, as well as a game that you will have some very fond memories of.

P.S. Also, each time you complete a route the main menu picture design and picture will change. And you will also get access to the very cute minigame :3

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Aniva May 21 @ 6:19am 
I don't think that it really means anything if someone marks it as funny, don't worry about that! :sasa:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Admittedly, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks that the protagonist looks strange, though... :tslol:
futaba-tian May 20 @ 7:49am 
Yup, that's the positive thing about it for sure :d4_wink:

Thank you very much! I think you will enjoy playing it :3 Just be ready that the main character sometimes looks a bit..strange :MaterialGirl_expression5:
🌸 May 20 @ 6:49am 
At least they didn't mark is as not helpful... great review btw futaba! Been looking forward to this game :lifeheart:
futaba-tian May 20 @ 1:24am 
I wonder...is it a good thing when people mark your review as funny or it is actually bad? :byron: