Furious George
Andrew   Pribram, Stredocesky Kraj, Czech Republic
Do not beguile yourself by presuming my name is simply a humourous moniker, for it remains candid that I am inveterately serried with a sentiment of rabid tempestuousness.

The reason for why I am consistently choleric escapes me. Perhaps it stems from indignation at a anterior iniquity. Perhaps it stems from a sensation of inferiority. Or perhaps it is a merely an inherent mannerism that of which I possess with no discernible justification.

Regardless of the substantiation, I have neither the disposition nor the inclination to betide halcyon. Nay, I simply refuse to befit placidity for the sole aspiration of “proper” suavities. Rather, I shall incur this pique upon whomever crosses me with no clemency!

Oh, and I have brown eyes.
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Seph Aug 1, 2012 @ 12:00pm 
Oy, FG, remember me?