Grampa Swood
Spreken is zilver maar de zwijger is goud   Alkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
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Leave a comment why you are adding me
Don't invite me to groups, please.I don't trade unless mentioned otherwise.

Buying Secret Saxtons at 1 ref a piece
I don't sell my unusuals, sorry. They have sentimental worth to me (because they're my first 3. Them being the patriot peak stormy storm, unusual boston taunt with tornado effect, and the yeti punch storming tiger) and I want to have them. I'm sorry to dissapoint you.

I don't trade many of my TF2 and CS:GO items so it's rare you'll actually get some of them. If you add me I'll probably say "Why did you add me?", it may sound rude but it isn't intended to be rude.
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Stuff you don't care about
Hi I love TF2, Portal 1/2, Terraria, Day of Infamy, Verdun, Tannenberg, HOI4, and Rocket League. I'm bad at all of them (except for TF2 which I'm decent at and Day of Infamy is only co op). I accept all friends requests except if you have a private profile. Donate to me because I'm, a famous youtuber thx. If you decide to trade me I'll show you in the trade what I have for sale, if I don't show anything I do not sell anything.
Here's my Trade Offer Link.
Click me to make an offer

Wishlist for TF2 stranges (or just which weapons I have/am missing in strange quality) []
Only Dutch translators for the Official TF wiki
Translator for STS (Steam Translation Server)
Head admin/Co-founder of Cap that Cup []
Making demonstrations for the Official TF wiki.
One of the Wiki Cap owners

Aussies gotten from mvm:
0 :(
Times I've gotten 3 boxes from mvm:

My main alias is Grampa Swood, it's best to nickname me but you can call me whatever my current name is.

My name is Swood (Not real name, I'd rather keep it private because I don't want people to call me that)
I am as old as the universe (I said that because I cba to update it)
From The Netherlands :-)
Qualified Gnome Chompski saviour
I got a Strange Haunted Lil' Dutchman, signed by the voice actor of Davy Jones on Cursed Cove (Incredibly nice guy)

Formable nations in hoi4 I have done:
:_X_: Arabia
:CheckZ: Austria-Hungary
:_X_: Baltic Federation
:_X_: Byzantine Empire
:_X_: Chinese Empire
:_X_: European Union
:_X_: Gran Colombia
:CheckZ: Greater German Reich
:_X_: Greater Indonesian Confederacy
:_X_: Holy Roman Empire
:_X_: Imperial Federation
:_X_: Mutapa
:CheckZ: Scandinavia
:_X_: Ottoman Empire
:_X_: Persian Empire
:_X_: Rattanakosin Kingdom
:_X_: Roman Empire
:CheckZ: Kalmar Union
:_X_: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
:CheckZ: United Netherlands
:_X_: United States of Central America
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