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RL Stuff
Name: I forgot
Age: 14
Gender: Agender Transexual Panromantic Demiboy
Birthday: Who cares?
Relationship: I'd rather not talk about it…
Personality: ENTP
Religion: Raelism
Location: Somewhere, ??
Occupation: Supervillain
Hobbies: Vidya, music, TV series, youtube/twitch lurking, being lazy, dick and horrible person
Favorite Color: I don't see colors, personally
Favorite Food: Pizza (duh)
Favorite TV Series: Community, Limitless, Person of Interest, Sillicon Valley, Scrubs, House M.D.
Favorite Music Genre: Baby crying

PC Stuff
CPU: AMD FX-4100 4x4.1Ghz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 1Gb
RAM: NoIdeaWhatBrandIs ™ 2x4GB
Disk: Hitachi 1000Gb HDD
System: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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855 hrs on record
last played on Dec 10
4,623 hrs on record
last played on Dec 7
630 hrs on record
last played on Dec 7
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4,560H team fortes 2 wtf???
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