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inconsistency master, exploited player
i'm a friendly idiot that likes videogames and programming
please little scammer guy, if you come to me for item/gambling/csgo team votes/trading/buying or whatever related to that, just so you know, i'm not interested. thank you.

discord: puntero#6566

[TF2] FortressMixer - Automatic Pugging System with Discord Integration [github.com]
- This is my biggest project yet, and probably the one that'll take the most time out of my life to finish. This is a Discord bot that manages the creation of Competitive Team Fortress 2 Pugs , basically speaking, automatically allows players to organize a pug and sets servers up for them to play too.
- A lot of this idea came to mind when a beloved competitive SA community was coming to an end, Legacy Hub . I've always wanted to do a project this big, that could probably save the South American community and keep on playing pugs as we always did, also fix lots of problems and offer millions of personalized and helpful capabilities for users on the way.
- The repository will be empty, and that is because there is no public prototype yet . All testing is done in my Discord Server [discord.gg] that also corresponds to my community. If you're interested in checking progress, head over and check it out (Spanish).

[TF2] Free Unusuals, Australiums, Killstreaks, Cosmetic Paints and Glow Effects [github.com]
- These plugins were made by me a long, long time ago, the difference being that I made them with so little programming knowledge at the time. They were very robust back then and rarely worked like intended, also taking into account that these sort of plugins are not something VALVe approves of, so forget about public releases.
- I decided to re-write everything 3 years from their creation, so here it is; a plugin kit that enables players to customize their cosmetics and/or weapons to their preference. Some people asked me to include War Paint and Festivized capabilities to it, that will be in a while when I have time to work on more TF2 plugins which I do not have right now due to personal stuff.

[TF2] TF2 Teams -> Discord Voice Channel Mover (currently unmaintained) [github.com]
- An Apache web server, working with a SourceMod plugin to move players to their respective teams. This was a scapegoat plugin made based on an already on-going one created by my good 'ol pal ratawar . It does work properly, but set-up is really complicated and long for just a simple functionality that would be just moving users on a Discord voice channel.

[TF2] Respawn Effects [forums.alliedmods.net]
- This was my first ever publicly released plugin. Inspired on a Delfy video where a server they were playing on had these wacky particle effects and sounds whenever somebody respawned. Upon investigating I could not find any plugin that offered the same functionality. So without any scripting or programming knowledge (and lots of help from the sweet and great AlliedModders community), I just went in and coded it.

[TF2] Pre Gun Mettle Weapon Drop System [forums.alliedmods.net]
- Let's just say I hated the fact that this system was taken away from me when the update dropped :story:

Other projects that just do not require explaining:
- [TF2] Spec - Send players to Spectator [forums.alliedmods.net]
- [TF2] Give Mannpower Powerups [forums.alliedmods.net]
- [TF2] No Taunt After Killing [forums.alliedmods.net]
- [Any] Fake Disconnect/Connect Messages [forums.alliedmods.net]

if you want a custom-made plugin, contact me in discord or here

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