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it's funny how the music put times in perspective
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do the impossible, see the invisible
row row fight the power
touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable
row row fight the power

power to the peeps, power for the dream
still missing piece scattering, so incomplete
we be the most incredible soldier from the underground
see how easy they all fall down

digging to the core to see the light
let's get out of here babe that's the way to survive
ya top of the head, i'm on the set
do the impossible, don't you wanna bet

cuz a lot of things changed we be waiting in vain
if you wanna get by no pain, no gain
wow, fakers wanna test me again
sorry, my rhyme's gonna snatch your brain yo

i'm still starving for the straight up shit
we gonna make it happen with the crazy rap skill
get ready to rumble, now's the time uh huh
if you ain't know, now you know...

good luck fellows...
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My drill's better than yours buddy!
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