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Közzétéve: 2015. júl. 16., 17:57

Most of the feud with this game is that it's a free to play that is apparently "Pay to Win". Many free games are pay2win; however, that doesn't really matter as much as this game is not multiplayer in any way, so you will not be outmatched if you play freely. Paying will definitely make the game much quicker than it should, but you do not need to pay to make progress in the game and it really does not have a grind element. If you fail a level too many times, it begins giving you consolidation coins which equals the amount you earned through the failure.

Now onto the actual game, overall is a nice match-3 type game with combat and some RPG elements and works out nicely. However, there are two issues I didn't quite like regarding the game. The first is the board generation. It's completely up to luck whether or not you can beat a level though you generally get the good side. Example being one of the levels I played that had a timer instead of a move count, I moved once and it spent the next 30 seconds reshuffling the board because it shuffled a board with no moves thus killing the entire time while I only summoned a measly archer.
The second thing I noticed is you don't get anything for 7-match. Was tragic. Less of an issue, but I did spend a while setting that 7-match up.
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