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LOVE YOUR WALLPAPER! :luv::missing::luv:
fug4life Aug 24 @ 4:09pm 
@Finn Pony At the moment achieving this is quite difficult and would require some smoke and mirrors (2 separate particles and some solid layers). In the next patch achieving this should be easier if you can wait? Or post on the forums to double check that it isn't possible right now.
Finn Pony Aug 24 @ 1:58pm 
Hi! Could you write an asset in your spare time, the essence of which is the following: when you hover your mouse over a particle that avoids the cursor, it changes its direction to the opposite.

For example, if a fish texture (as a particle) swims to the left and the cursor hovers over it from the right side, its reflected image changes direction and swims to the right.

I would be really grateful.
sorrow Jun 25 @ 9:37am 
Make a blue room razer pleace!!
Max Jun 23 @ 10:26am 
OG Mar 4, 2019 @ 5:32am 
added because of some wallpaper engine issues