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Justin Hyland   San Diego, California, United States
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I develop Train Simulator 2016 and Microsoft Train Simulator content. I love to watch Anime and go to conventions. I'm just a nerdy dude that likes da choo choos and enjoy's Anime. I also do YouTube videos and have a pretty decent following.

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Welcome to my Steam:

I'm a TF2 vet with quite a few hours played on Team Fortress 2, I also been a pretty experienced trader for item trading. If you wanna do trades when I'm open to them. Please use my trade URL:

Thank You

Friends that are normally with me in TF2 Servers:

-Brutal BloodStorm
-SunSet/Ruby Rose
-Alexer Zoderia

List not in any particular order

Please do not spam me with trading messages or trade offers I will not respond to them unless I deem it necessary. I do also use,, and STN. I do also use for item pricing. Other than that I'm a very chill guy. :steamhappy:
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