A cowboy from   Texas, United States
Hii! my name is Sam xDD im 19 yrs
youngg. im takenn (((: happily by my
15 yrs youngg gf amy. shes my
everything <33333 but i still flirt with
all the girls in my class;) shh. ;x i go to
parties every sat. and party at church
on sunday, holaaahh! hahaha i luv
jesus, but idk i might be atheist. im
bisexual, but i'll never touch another
boy because it's a sin ;( i do weed and i
luv lil wayne, and the jonas brothers. i
h8 black ppl because they scare me.
follow me ok?!!?! =D

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Popcorn Feb 24 @ 3:44am 
cause i wanted to?
Samm_y Feb 23 @ 10:08pm 
pssh big if true
.jf Feb 23 @ 10:03pm 
-rep unlucky genes. better luck on the next rng roll! :steamthumbsdown:
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my guy who are you
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when the impostor is sus! 😳
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