THE DARKSTAR FOLLIES! Read below to see ragequits and other silly things

The Loneliest Man on Earth : Darkstar, you're in for a world of hurt once I triangulate your IP
^ Called me a hacker after one kill, the real MVP

A Huge Loan Of 1$ left the game (Disconnect by user.)
^ Killed me once with pistol spam after I killed him roughly 15 times, what a player.

Skymoon Light™ : u keep spamming it mustmean ur bad xD
Skymoon Light™ : bye
Skymoon Light™ : faggits
Player Skymoon Light™ left the game (Disconnect by user.)

2663 : screw this man, I don't want to play on a server with a tryhard 200+ ping furfag
gameME: 2663 (Pos 543, 5,002 points) disconnected (Pos -1, 0 points)

CreeperOO7 : fuck you dick face darky
Player CreeperOO7 left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Ex Won Powerball GG FML : i have no faith in any of you
sleepy face : fuck you
Ex Won Powerball GG FML : better not lose 1 dollar fur fag

Salt : fuck you darkstar, you hack so bad. grow some and quit changing class for a kill
Player Salt left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Freddie! : ^

:Flaming_Potato: : im bored bye
Player :Flaming_Potato: left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Teams will be auto-balanced in 5 seconds.
Quartermaster Darkstar™ : Rage quit

Moon Moon the Retarded Wolf : ok now you are a faggot
Moon Moon the Retarded Wolf : good bye faggot
Player Moon Moon the Retarded Wolf left the game (Disconnect by user.)

MasonHebert7 : Aimbot?
MasonHebert7 : i think soooooooooooo
Darky™ : Skull over your head?
Darky™ : I think sooooooooooo
MasonHebert7 : Meh
Player MasonHebert7 left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Darky™ : U mad?
Darky™ : He mad

Aa + liquify LF Steel Medic 6s : well imma join double cross cuz this is pointless
Aa + liquify LF Steel Medic 6s : see ya
Player Aa + liquify LF Steel Medic 6s left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Teams will be auto-balanced in 5 seconds.
Dar'khii™ : Rage quit

Player Exia_ joined team BLU
Player Exia_ joined team RED.
Exia_ : ok now that u have no domination
Exia_ : votekick
[SM] Exia_ voted to kick the fresh prince of bed hair™ [1/4 votes]

EpicStarCat : you think you are good
EpicStarCat : bitch?
Cum Nuggets™ : Yup
EpicStarCat : you are so bad
Cum Nuggets™ : ^
EpicStarCat : fucking cunts
EpicStarCat : go kill yourself
Cum Nuggets™ played fuck you
EpicStarCat : irl
EpicStarCat : fuck you
EpicStarCat : shut up you rich cunt
Cum Nuggets™ : Umad?
EpicStarCat : how old are you
EpicStarCat : 12?
Cum Nuggets™ : Hemad
EpicStarCat : little tight pussy
EpicStarCat : im 18
EpicStarCat : bye cunts
Player EpicStarCat left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Lock : YEAH
Lock : CUNT
Lock : <3
Vee: Plays : im playing soilder
Vee: Plays : im so kewl
Vee: Plays : so mucg skell
Vee: Plays : cry faggot
Vee: Plays : quit playing
Lock : ok
Vee: Plays : youre a piece of shit
Vee: Plays : report darjy for cheating
Lock : aight igot u man
Player Vee: Plays <STEAM_0:0:66257459> from country The United States (US) reason: Disconnect by user.
Player Lux <STEAM_0:0:77494763> from country The United States (US) reason: Disconnect by user.

Darkstar™ : Lol now they'll never leave
MR.TreePanda : what if we do this?
Player MR.TreePanda left the game (Disconnect by user.)

[:EG:]BobaFettTheGod : Fuck you and your stupid fucking aimbot
Player [:EG:]BobaFettTheGod <STEAM_0:1:66747894> from country The United States (US) reason: Disconnect by user.

*Rex* acing3 : Wow rage quit a bit?
*Rex* acing3 : Fucking hell
Player *Rex* acing3 left the game (Disconnect by user.)

picpopᴱr Stop'a'Gabᴱnด้ : ill let you snipe each other no talent guys :)\
Player picpopᴱr Stop'a'Gabᴱnด้ left the game (Disconnect by user.)
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Names Darkstar, and I dont edit my profile for shit anymore. Should probably update sometime...

For all of you who see I have 7800+ hours on TF2, just note Ive played the game since 2009, and my time adds up to roughly ELEVEN months. That is nothing compared to eleven years (132 months).

If you are so inclined to get me a gift for my birthday, christmas, or for just whatever, take note of my wishlist. Its there for a reason people. Around my my birthday and christmas I do update it so that the first 10 games (or my top ten) are what I really truly want. However if you feel as tho you can afford my expensive TF2 tastes, heres a list!

Seriously, any skin I dont already own in Factory New/Strange.
Any austrailiums Im missing.
Agonizing Emerald pro KS's with anything but flames or discharge
Collectors item.

Ive also gotten into Killing Floor 2 as of late, so precious skins and mint skins are acceptable and I wont say no to any cosmetic items either.

Dont Starve Together items as well, backpacks and Webber specific items mostly.



You wanna know me? Look down there (v) and if you fit, you can add me.



If your looking at this, congrats to you, Id give you a cookie but I ate them all.

Add me if you want, however I will ignore you IF:

Update 2.0: Im not really adding friends anymore. Ive been around for a while and Ive gone through friends like candy, sadly. Im open to old friends re-adding me so long as I remember them which I most likely will. As to randoms, its a 1% chance of me accepting. Ive found my circle and Im anti-social and shy around new people.


Do not beg me for items, or ask me for items, or ask to BUY items, I am NOT, I repeat NOT selling and/or buying anything at the moment. Do not ask me if anything is for sell via IM or comments, and do not try to sell me anything either.

Take note of these lovely little lines! vvv





Clicking the "More Info" box up top will lead you to some silly things I found in TF2 while playing it!

Thought about recording it for pure effect but, nothing I do is that awesome anyways
(Plus no equipment).


Online - Im here...so talk to me. Of course I may be in a bad mood or tired. Im back to the daily grind of a job, so expect grumpy ol me as usual.

Away - Either fapping, playing Xbone, or at work.

Snooze - Asleep/at work.

Offline - R.I.P. (No seriously, if Im offline something horrible happened. IE: Internet/power went out)

Looking to Trade - I dont use it, so dont expect to see it.

Looking to Play - I dont use it, so dont expect to see it.
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A chapter of Dead By Daylight based upon the movie The Thing, everything here is just a concept and isn't entirely balanced but can be adjusted
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No one will dare cross you with guns this big.
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Alright, last time I did a review for this game I had roughly little to no expierence with it. Now that Ive packed roughly six thousand (6000) hours into this game I think Im ready to put in a REAL review.

Note this is a personal review, so there will be plenty of bias since its all online and there isnt much 'story element' to go off of. Anyways lets get this party started.

Team Fortress 2 is a class based multiplayer shooter with plenty of maps and objective based game modes to play. I could sit here and tell you about each class indivudially but then it wouldnt really be a review, it would be more of a detailed look at the game, which isnt really what Im going for. Putting it simply, you pick either RED or BLU and click and shoot. Pretty simple right? Well I would hope so, lets skip into the pros and cons shall we?

This game is fun, mostly with friends. With plenty of pub servers (public) which are Valve servers. They are the most basic of basic servers and have no plug ins or add ons or anything like that.

Plenty of servers to choose from. Again, from Valve servers to the simple orange servers and custom map servers there are plenty of servers to go play on. Servers will return on the cons list so keep an eye out for that.

Weapons! There are plenty of weapons to choose from that could either be situational, or go towards a player with skill. An example of a 'skill' weapon would be the Direct Hit as it rewards soldiers who are able to hit the target directly instead of going for splash damage. The Bazaar Bargain is also rewarding to Snipers who can get headshots constantly. Spy's knife is also a bit of a skill weapon as it can deliver backstabs which insta-kill. Plenty of weapons to choose from, however stock weapons (or vanilla) are usually the best.

The biggest pro I can think of right now is the hats. Yes I know that people put hats above all else in this game, such as the better your hats are, the better at the game you are. However thats only a simple sterotype going around in the community. Unusuals being the 'top teir' hats due to the partical effect they offer. Why is this a pro you may ask? Well its kept the game alive for the most part. With the lack of weapons, maps and game mods, hats seem to be keeping this game afloat and lets be honest here. Some hats arent too god awful.

Alright boys and girls here we go, lets move onto the cons.

The community. Yes, the community. Whats so wrong with the community you may ask? Well the first give-away shouldve been the hats sterotype. Of course that was a community thing and theres a few other things Ill cover. The first being the Lenny face meme. If you're like me you hate the thing and dont find it funny. However from my play-time Ive noticed I cant go a single pub game without finding someone who loves to spam it. Now Im not a big fan of 'memes' myself so anything like 'get rekt' or 'skrub' is enough to annoy me, but moving on the majority of people who use Lenny are self-entitied ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s who think they are better than everyone else. Another issue with the community is all the ♥♥♥♥ talk I see and hear every game. I dont know who said it first, but a certain phrase says it best : Its a hat simulator, not a hate simulator. However it seems like a decent portion of the community is half-decent. Shying away from this, lets move on.

Hats. Like I said, they came back. People seem to put their cosmetics before the game. Acting like if they have a certain hat or unusual they are some kind of demi-god at the game. Same goes for weaponry reskins such as Festives and Australiums. However this isnt always the case, some people with these are actually decent, if not pro at the game...actualy lets mix weapons into hats as well. Some weapons are literally just cosmetics themselves. So here we go! Weapons: Well like I said with unusuals, if they have a Festive or Australium the player might think themself a demi-god at the game. This also mixes into the community but Ill keep it here. Another problem with weapons is that instead of adding new weapons to the game, we get constant reskins. They can be nice at first, but I would like a weapon with new stats to try out. <--- Bias, am I right guys?

Hackers. Ok look guys, this is the biggest issue next to scammers, sharks, and other trade terms. Sure, TF2, like a good other portion of Source games, run the VAC system. However, it is slower than a snail stuck in tree sap. Me and my friends were on a Valve server and we dealt with a hacker for several rounds before he, himself, left. No he was not voted off, no he was not kicked by the team he was on. He. Left. Himself. Six straight rounds of a hacker. Now ignoring my pity story, hackers ruin the game. They ruin it for the team they fight, the team their on, and just the game in general. I can think of about 4 hacks. Invisibility, wall hacks, aimbot, and trigger bot. Sure theres more, but still. Hackers can ruin this game.

Overall Id give this game 9/10. Hackers and the community really take away from the game, but its fun none the less. I recommend it for people new to steam, or for someone looking for a fun F2P game that isnt P2W.
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+1 Rep Fair and fun killer not boring at all
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honestly dude ur profile is super weirdchamp
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Strange High roller for sale?