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NBA YOUNGBOY 16 MAY a las 2:08 a. m. 
yung god
Snicker + 4 MAR a las 11:19 p. m. 
:cinnamon4: :cinnamon4:

** sadboy trap, very rare and very based !! **
𝔈𝔷𝔷𝔜 26 ENE a las 4:28 p. m. 
could you sign my profile :)
szyx 4 ENE a las 10:01 a. m. 
sign plz
james charles 3 ENE a las 7:04 p. m. 
Hey frozt im your mod on your yt streams and im just wondering why you are not streaming on yt or twitch
★DarkHorse 31 DIC 2018 a las 5:48 p. m. 
HEY Frozt remember me from ur YT streams im Karim. Can u add me i would love to play with you.