Jon S.   Miami, Florida, United States
Formerly known as Frosty Scales

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TL;DR about me:
I'm just a 19 year old shitlord who's wasting his life on the Team Fortress 2 videogame.

dA: ScalieTrash
Discord: Screwdriver#1776
Switch: SW-5463-4077-4808
RuneScape: Screwd Yeen

Fun facts about my life:
- I'm currently planning to study computer science at Florida Atlantic University.
- I'm a proud owner of a ford mustang even if it's a piece of shit.
- I'm into furry stuff but don't like to let it take over my entire personality.
- I'm also somewhat into pro wrestling, and to an extent combat sports.
- I've been programming in Python since I was ~11, but only got into SourcePawn when I was 17


Owner of - The Home of Parkour Fortress | Parkour Fortress Beta [US] - | Private TTT [US] -

Maps I've made or assisted in making:
Vapor420 (Glass Attack, Alpha 2)
Grid (Glass Attack, Beta 2)
Escapade (Parkour Fortress, Final) [Previous beta made by Jamster]
Nuance/Nuance Night (Parkour Fortress, Beta 6) [Collab with PrettyBoySwagg]
Orange (Parkour Fortress, Version 2)
Highrise (Smash Fortress, Release Candidate 1)
Oildrum Alley (Smash Fortress, Release Candidate 6) [With help from Kirillian and several others]
Skylab (Smash Fortress, Beta 4) [Collab with Lvl. 100 Spycrab]
Cosmic Altar (Smash Fortress, Beta 1)
Spiny Island (Smash Fortress, Beta 1)
Quantumbrick (Deathrun, Beta 1)
Mandrillmaze (Deathrun, Version 2.4) [Collab with UR A FAGET]
BWCell (Dodgeball, Release Candidate 1)
Portal Force (Dodgeball, Release Candidate 1)
Radwater (VS Saxton Hale) [With fixes by rxg | ParaDLell]
Flowey Boss Map (Boss Battle Map, Version 8.2) [Map by Alex Turtle with help from FissionMetroid101, UR A FAGET, Yukimazan, and myself]
B1 Boss Map (Boss Battle Map, Release) [Map by Neox, Plugin by Darthmule, I just did some entity work here]
Zealand (Surf, Release/NJV) [Most of the map made by Xbmann]
Altitude (Mann vs Machine) [Collab with Lvl. 100 Spycrab and Alex Turtle]


Former UGC Teams:
HL Iron NA Season 11, Flex sub for Orange Gibuses
HL Steel NA Season 13, Pyro/Soldier ring for Karrot Klan
HL Steel NA Season 15, Scout Main for Banks Family
6v6 Iron NA Season 18, Roam Soldier sub for Soxy
6v6 Iron NA Seasons 19 & 20, Roam Soldier for PocketP
6v6 Steel NA Season 14, Roam Soldier sub for CWAFG
6v6 Steel NA Season 29, Roam Soldier Sub for BRCI
4v4 Steel NA Season 5, Roam Soldier Sub for CUC
4v4 Steel NA Seasons 15 & 16, Pyro Main for The Viable Choices

Other Teams I've played for:
RSP Plan-N-Pan EU Season 3
RSP Paradise Panners NA Season 4
RGL Prolander NA Open Division Season 5, Pyro Main for Baobab
RGL Prolander NA Division 3 Season 6, Pyro Main for Baobab

Favorite Group - Public Group
Parkour Fortress: Redux
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Garry's Mod
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//To be noted: the map is in Beta as for now, the layout and the details may change heavly in the future!//

It's time to bring mayhem to a costal town somewhere in southern europe, in a map with an out of the ordinary king of the hill layout!

Please comm
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