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Concluded a busy nano-day.


Saved and quarantined the Liver.

Can you Stomach this?

Saved and quarantined the Stomach.

Heart of the Problems

Saved and quarantined the Heart.

Are you Kidney me?

Saved and quarantined the Kidneys.

It was a Lung Figh

Saved and quarantined the Lungs.

Spiderbot, Spiderbot

Became like an arachnid.

Low Fat Diet

Eliminated the Fatster.

Degree in Parasitology

Eliminated the Wyrm.

Gunslinger at Heart

Eliminated the Boss.

Monster Hunt

Eliminated the Cerberus.

Delivered from Evil

Defeated the Ultimate Evil.

Nurse, Scalpel

Became more versatile damage dealer.

Personal Trim

Became a tasteful customizer.

Chemistry Lesson

Learned the useful chemistry.

No Camping Allowed

Played a wildlife policebot part.

Full to the Brim

Used the Remedium Interface for good.

Five Silver Pieces

Earned some silver.

Gold Rush

Earned some gold.

Blood on Manipulators

Liquidated some oposition.

Hardened Morbslayer

Wasted a lot of morbs.

Pathogen Executor

Became a morbs' nightmare.


Obtained 100 molecules.


Obtained 200 hundreds of molecules.

Brew All Night

Obtained 1000 molecules.

Little Mixin

Got a hang in crafting substances.

Handy with Test Tubes

Became acquainted with substances.

Searching the Unobtainium

Became a master of substances.

Saboteur Found

Located the one responsible for the halt.

Leap of Faith

Jumped like a pro stuntbot.

The Bloodswell Incident

Wanted to believe so very hard...


Located the Book of Disabled Bots.

Heresy, on the Rocks

Spotted the moonshine apparatus.

Someone Else's Vault

Learned that bots never change.