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Personal Achievements

Shopping for Mods

Build your 1st module


Construct the Hub Module Level 3

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Fully upgrade your HQ

Bullet Hell

Destroy 5 ships with a single Shotgun Skill

Pool Party

Pull 30 targets with a single Gravity Pull skill


Destroy 1000 ships with Overload cumulatively
0 / 1,000

Bouncing Betty

Destroy 4 ships with a single Precision Shot skill


Let your Holo Decoy destroy 2 ships in 10 seconds

Take the bull by the horns

Ram into a Warmaster who tried to use the Ram skill on You

The Force Is Strong

Push away 200 targets with the Gravity Push skill
0 / 200

Goin' Nuclear

Destroy 15 ships with a single Warhead skill

Fully Naked

Destroy 10 ships with a single Expose skill

I'm Invisible

Accumulate 30 minutes of Cloak time
0 / 30

Coffee Break

Disable enemy ships for a total duration of 30 minutes
0 / 30

Butcher from Phaehana

Successfully Execute 10 ships in a row


Finish the Prologue

Civil War

Complete the "Get Things Rolling" mission

Back to normal

Complete the "Defender of the Crown" mission

Shady Business

Complete the "Orphiel - Take Two" mission

Friends with Benefits

Complete the "Hard Times" mission

Power Overwhelming

Complete the "Power to the Core" mission


Complete the "BFG" mission

Having Friends in High Places

Complete the "Jumping Jack Flash" mission

Ashes to Ashes

Complete the "Bon Voyage" mission

It's a Trap

Complete the "Farsight" mission

Punch in the Gut


Creator of Civilization

"Liberate" your first planet

I Want it All

Have all planets under your control

Starting Region

Take over Your 1st Zone

The World is a Stage

Conquer 50 Zones

King of The World

Conquer 150 Zones


Finish the Proxima

First Blood

Kill a Warmaster

Mr. Nice Guy

Finish a Faction Mission

Champion of Champions

Win a Gladiatrix Arena

Just a Flesh Wound

Emerge victorious or flee from a battle with less then 5% hull points remaining

Double Dose of Pimping

Customize a ship

Mind on my Money

Earn 1,000,000,000 credits
0 / 1,000,000,000

Don't Look At Explosions

Nuke an enemy Warmaster

Builder Bob

Build all possible structures in all 15 regions

The Explorer

Link/Hack your first satellite


Collect all Geminipedia entries

Vault Raider

Collect all Artefacts

Factitiously Superfluous

Collect all Factions of Gemini entries

Fish and Ships

Collect all Ship Chassis of Gemini entries

Eeek an Anomaly

Collect all Anomalous anomalies entries

Rocket Science

Complete 70 research projects
0 / 70

Sharing is Caring

Share your thoughts with the rest of the community

Jolly Roger

Capture a Destroyer Class ship after pillaging every room of that ship

Ludicrous Speed

Use T-Drive for the First Time

Into the Void

Jump through a Wormhole

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