Connor, 13, ♂   Minnesota, United States
valentine's day is a lie


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Age: 13

Gender: Male

Discord: Frostburn#8315

Main: Engi

Secondary Main: Demo

Favorite weapon: Wrench

Is it apparent I mostly play TF2?

SFM Commissions: 30 refined

Animated SFM Commissions <10 seconds: 1 key

Animated SFM Commissions >10 seconds: 2 keys

I'm not trading away any items in my inventory, so dont bother. If you add me to try and scam me I'll know instantly, but I'll accept it anyway to see just how retarded you are.

Last updated: 1/7/2019
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lol k
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HELLO Congratulations!
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please stop putting "h" in my comment section
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