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Originally posted by Cat on Linux:
Rogue, good point
however you should fight back against attempts to impose monopoly on you.

It's not as simple as that. Check this out:

"A core issue to net neutrality is how ISPs should be classified under the Communications Act of 1934, if they should be Title I "information services" or Title II "common carrier services". The classification affects the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) authority over ISPs: the FCC would have significant ability to regulate ISPs if classified as Title II common carriers, but would have little control over them if classified as Title I. Because the Communications Act has not been amended by the United States Congress to account for ISPs, the FCC has the authority to designate how ISPs should be treated in addition to what regulations they can set on ISPs. The makeup of the 5-member FCC has changed with each new administration, leading to the state of net neutrality flipping back and forth over the last two decades."

So first of all, they are still using legislation from 1934, decades before the internet even existed. That's problem one.

Problem two is that the FCC gets to decide, and they are only *5* members. Imagine how easy it is to bribe 5 people when you're a huge corporation like Verizon or Comcast? Ajit Pai, the current head of the FCC, literally used to work for Verizon. How corrupt is that?

"Upon becoming FCC chairman in April 2017 as part of the Trump Administration, Ajit Pai proposed to repeal the neutrality policies, returning to the previous classification of ISPs as Title I services. The draft of the proposed repeal, published in May 2017, led to over 20 million comments to the FCC. Despite a majority of these favoring retaining the 2015 Open Internet Order, the FCC still voted in favor of repealing the Order, which went into effect in June 2018 despite efforts in Congress to stay the repeal."

Quotes are from

But yeah "fight back", support the EFF:

"Despite the new FCC’s best efforts, net neutrality isn’t dead. The 2017 repeal is being challenged in court, in Congress, and by the states. The litigators will explain the holes in the FCC’s order and the procedures the FCC ignored. Congress has the ability to overturn the FCC’s order with a simple majority, and there are already bills waiting to do just that. And, through proposed state legislation and executive orders, states have started moving to protect their residents from ISPs.­"

More info about why these psuedo-monopolies exist and why it's not so easy to get rid of them:
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Originally posted by Cat on Linux:
Originally posted by arkwaldr:
There are still many of us here in the US for which such luxuries are not available. Satellite is not what I would call broad-band though better than dial-up and it is also metered monthly.

The electric company is planning to put in fiber optic cable but estimated time is five to six years here.

wow, what takes them so long? here in Ukraine (and it's pretty poor country on par with African countries) we have fiber for 10-15 years even in small towns (50-100k population). In such town where I'm from we have 2 fiber providers and you can switch immediately (and at no cost, just have to prepay services for couple of months), not to count TV providers or variants of cable-less access. And the cost is very low, 3-5 USD/mo for unlimited broadband connection. You guys have to ask your representatives whom they cover, there's no way your country can't provide internet connection when other not so successful countries can.

Ukraine is definitely not on par with African countries!

You're talking about high speed internet, there are still places in Africa that do not even have telephone, electricity, or running water.

Foreigners may perceive the U.S. as a "rich country", and it ranks fairly high compared to most countries, but there are still a lot of impoverished and underdeveloped areas. You gotta remember that the U.S. is quite large. It's about the same size as the *entirety* of Europe. So yeah, there are some places (ie rural areas) that still only have DSL or satellite at best, and do not have cable or high speed internet available.

Many places only have one option for high speed internet, which almost always means it will be expensive, and they will charge you more as time goes on simply because they can.

Asking "representatives" is pointless because they don't actually represent the people. The government is beholden to banks and corporations. In fact, the current head of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission, the agency that's in charge of communication, including internet) literally used to work for Verizon (one of the major telecommunications companies and ISPs).

But hey, Google is rolling out "Google Fiber", so if you don't mind Google being your ISP, that will be extremely fast.
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In topic Overlay browser PDF rendering bug
Originally posted by Cat on Linux:
yes, and if you open PDF manual of any game from steam directly it does the same. It was OK couple of weeks ago.

Can confirm. Should be reported on Github. There was a similar issue from 2016; the user who opened the bug report closed it in 2018 saying it was fixed, so this is probably a regression of some kind:
Jun 15 @ 1:40pm
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Dota 2 is probably the only relevant e-sport title that has comparable performance on Linux.

HoN has a native Linux client, but the pro scene is pretty dead.

LoL doesn't have a native Linux version.

StarCraft doesn't have a native Linux version.

CS:GO and TF2 use ToGL on Linux, and generally have better performance on Windows (and TF2 is not really a big e-sport title anymore).

Fighting games and Sports games are mostly only played competitively on consoles and the PC versions of those games almost never make it to Linux.

Then you have the issue of mouse and audio configuration on Linux. Pro gamers often use mice that rely on 3rd party software to configure, software that doesn't run natively on Linux. At least most DEs allow you to disable acceleration via the GUI now. When I first started using Linux you had to do this via terminal commands and scripts. Audio configuration can also be a real PITA depending on the hardware and software you are using. I've had issues with certain programs in the past where the audio input volume would literally adjust itself automatically to the point where the sound was so loud that it became distorted (something that *never* happened on Windows).
Jun 15 @ 1:11pm
In topic Worth playing?
For sure, it has one of the best stories of any CRPG. I wish more D&D games used the Planescape campaign setting. It has more of a science fiction, almost cyberpunk feel to it, distinct from the typical high fantasy setting of the Forgotten realms (used by BG, IWD, and NWN).
Jun 14 @ 5:47pm
In topic TB v RTwP: Ask for Both and We All Win
Originally posted by Fenris:
Originally posted by Rogue:
Correlation does not imply causation. Assuming those numbers are accurate, PoE1 sold similarly to D:OS1 despite having RTwP combat. And PoE2 sold less than PoE1 despite having both RTwP and TB combat (although TB combat wasn't available until some time after the initial release).

Like BG success 've never proven to be caused by it's RT mode. Fallout 1 and 2 are legendaries too and considered as some of the better RPGs from the video game history 20 years later too.
BG was very considered by players because, at this period, (and even in 2019, a shame), it's always the title who has the more choices from players during the game, good story, companions very cool, etc... The RT is a correlation too, if you want to know. If we could go in the past and changes the game to be RT, i would bet you the money you want, the success would be the same (and perphaps even more successfull).

PoE1 was done by obsidian, already known for their others games which was more successful than Larian who was almost unknown (the divinity series never been sucessfull before DoS1, even if the first divinity games were RT). And they hadn't done better than an almost unknow team, the opposite works too. The unknow team was done as good as one of the leaders in RPGs. It's a sign.

PoE2 has failed since the beginning, when it released only in RTwP mode. And you already knows that a game which failed it's release almost never recover later. (But you can note than it's review score was mixed with 58% when only RT, and, the last time i looked at, was positive with 80+ since the TB). But of course, 2 years later after his release with all the bad reputation it had,
it's too late to up the sales like if it was a new game. Sure.

Shortly after PoE2 first released on Steam, it had an 86% positive rating. I checked the WayBackMachine. The lowest I saw was 71%. Today it has 82% positive with 81% positive overall. I don't know where you got 58% from. Anyway, there are many reasons why PoE2 didn't sell well.

-Poor marketing (wasting money on stupid things like Denny's Twitter endorsement)
-Using Fig instead of Kickstarter (after using Kickstarter for PoE1)
-Questionable performance of PoE1

The numbers show that PoE2 sold less than half as many copies as PoE1. That means many people who bought PoE1 did not buy PoE2. If the RTwP combat was to blame, then why did PoE1 sell so well? PoE1 was marketed as a spiritual successor to BG. The reason PoE had RTwP combat in the first place is becuase that's what BG had.

You make a good point though. BG's success was never proven to be a result of its RTwP combat. In fact, some would probably argue that it was successful *in spite of* the combat.
Jun 14 @ 2:14pm
In topic Worth playing?
I think it's worth playing, but does that mean you will find it worth playing? Not necessarily.

Since you already have Icewind Dale, I would play that first. If you can tolerate the graphics and the gameplay mechanics, but want something with more emphasis on story and less emphasis on combat then you'll know if Planescape: Torment is for you.
Jun 14 @ 1:05pm
In topic TB v RTwP: Ask for Both and We All Win
Originally posted by Fenris:
But perhaps the devs could read this post:
Originally posted by Eisberg:
Lets be honest here, Turn based has been bigger sellers than RTWP have been for some years now.

Pathfinder is between 200k to 500k sales
Pillars of Eternity is between 1 million to 2 million
Pillars of eternity 2 is between 200k to 500k
Divinity Original Sin is between 1 million to 2 million
Divinity original sin 2 is between 2 million and 5 million

Correlation does not imply causation. Assuming those numbers are accurate, PoE1 sold similarly to D:OS1 despite having RTwP combat. And PoE2 sold less than PoE1 despite having both RTwP and TB combat (although TB combat wasn't available until some time after the initial release).
Originally posted by ︻╦╤─:
Yeah... about that. I use Arch

Do you know what tool Linux Mint uses?

Not sure, I use Arch as well. I read about it here:

Sounds similar to optimus-manager:
I think that's something your distribution can handle. For example, in Linux Mint 18 and newer, you install the Nvidia proprietary drivers and there's an icon in the panel that allows you to easily switch between GPUs.
Jun 14 @ 10:25am
In topic Glad that's Larian in commands
Originally posted by Vornyon:
So just because he's angry, hates a religion, confrontational, etc, you think he's evil?

He's not just angry, he literally hates everything outside of his own interpretation of his god's doctrine, and yeah most people would consider racism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, and hatred to the point of violence and brutality to be evil.

Some parts of his persona are straight out of the lawful evil textbook:

"He condemns others not according to their actions but according to race, religion, homeland, or social rank."

"A lawful evil character will keep his word if he gives it and will never lie, although he may mislead or withhold information."

Durance never lies, but he frequently withholds information from the Player Character.

PoE's disposition system is not as black and white as D&D's alignment system, but it's pretty obvious that Durance would be closer to evil than to good or neutrality. Aloth, The Devil of Caroc, and Maneha are also somewhat "evil".

BTW, you aren't forced to use the companions in PoE (you can roll your own), and they won't show up in PoE2 claiming to know you, unlike BG. No matter what you did in BG1, Gorian's Ward was captured with a party of good and neutral characters to start BG2.
Jun 13 @ 9:17pm
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Originally posted by jmvbento:
Durance is not evil, that's ridiculous :P

"Durance is an angry man, and it is challenging to find the things in the world that he *does* like outside his interpretation of Magran doctrine and the importance of 'tests'. He is a thorough cynic, wording his conversations to you as if merely stating the ugly truth of the world. While not particularly conversational with anyone other than the Watcher, his personality is confrontational, and consequently most of his party interactions involve him reacting argumentatively to other party members. The fact that Durance doesn't seem to have any direct banter at all with Edér speaks volumes about his feelings about Eothasians. Supposedly, if the Watcher is an Orlan, they can comment on his attitude towards Orlans. Durance further despises Aedyr, Readceras, the Vailian Republics, and even his goddess."

"...Whatever doubts he holds about Magran, it didn't affect his hatred of other faiths, specifically Eothasians..."

"...the violence and brutality he perpetrated on Eothasians..."

"Unlike other companions, Durance will end dialogue with the The Watcher prematurely if he becomes annoyed by how many questions you're asking him."
Jun 13 @ 12:04pm
In topic I can't run any game.
Make sure you have the latest versions of Mesa and LLVM installed, as previously mentioned.

It seems that your GPU does not have full Vulkan support. So you will need to use OpenGL-based WineD3D instead of Vulkan-based DXVK for DirectX10 and DirectX11 games.

Add the following command to the game's launch options:

PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%

Or configure it for all games as explained here:
Jun 12 @ 10:55pm
In topic I can't run any game.
Make sure you've met the requirements for Proton; for Intel Graphics you should install recent versions of Mesa and LLVM.
Jun 12 @ 6:36pm
In topic SongPop
Originally posted by Aoi Blue:
Do you have a link to the store page, because I can't find it.

Looks like they are mobile games available for Android, iOS, and on Facebook:
Jun 11 @ 12:20pm
In topic Glad that's Larian in commands
Originally posted by Vornyon:
I think PoE didn't leave much option to play anything else than a hero. BG 1 and 2 let you have more moral choices, you could be neutral, good, or evil.

PoE has "disposition" instead of the traditional D&D style alignment system:

They may not call it "good" "evil" or "neutral", but there are plenty of opportunities to be those things.

In both BG1 and PoE1 you must defeat the main antagonist, and you can have your own motivation for doing so. Severok comes back in BG2 as a potential companion. With Thaos you can choose to have mercy or you can destroy his soul. Regardless of what you do in BG1, you will start BG2 with the canon party. In PoE there is no canon party. Aloth, Eder, and Pallegina are the only re-occuring characters, but you're not forced to party with them. Depending on your choices, they could even be dead in PoE2. There are multiple endings to PoE1, some of them are kind of "evil". For example, choosing to disintegrate the souls of thousands of innocent people, and some are "chaotic" such as reneging on your agreement with the gods. BG1 only had 1 ending.

Originally posted by Vornyon:
In PoE, every single companion is good aligned

That's not accurate at all.

Aloth is essentially evil when you meet him, as he turns out to be a Laden key spy, deceiving the player character for about half the game. The Grieving Mother would be chaotic good at best. Hiravias is a druid, so he'd be neutral. Pallegina seems to be lawful neutral. The Devil of Caroc would probably be chaotic evil. Maneha was clearly evil in her past life, but when you meet her she wants to forget those memories. Durance is evil. Zahua and Kana Rua would probably be chaotic neutral. Eder and Sagani are good.

Again, PoE doesn't actually use that type of alignment system, but if it did, that's how I would classify those characters. By the way, you can also create your own party from scratch or play solo.

Obsidian made Tyranny too, which was basically a game where you choose between lawful evil and chaotic evil (I found it boring, but that's just me).

Anyway, as you now know, Larian is making BG3, not Obsidian.
Originally posted by leech:
I'm speaking for others that add too many PPAs.

Then I think you should have been more clear about that with your initial statement.

Instead of saying: "Debian Sid (unstable) is more stable than Ubuntu"

You want to say: "Debian Sid was more stable for me because I add too many PPAs to Ubuntu"

The problem with the former is that it is phrased like a fact or something that applies universally, but that is not necessarily the case.

From there you can give useful advice like:

"If you find that you need add a lot of PPAs to Ubuntu, consider using a different distro because adding too many PPAs to Ubuntu causes instability."

I think that's better than implying Debian Unstable is somehow objectively more stable than Ubuntu LTS, which is inaccurate and misleading to new users.

Originally posted by leech:
Arch Linux is also a very stable distribution

Okay, so basically there are two definitions for "stability" for our context: literal and figurative. Literally, it means 'fixed' or 'not changing'. Figuratively, it's more or less about the degree to which breakage occurs.

Debian Sid is called "Unstable" because it is literally unstable (ie packages change quickly), and not because it breaks a lot (although due to its nature, that may happen).

Arch Linux is a rolling release distro, so it is also "unstable" in that sense.

Both distros can be "stable" if the user is careful and knowledgeable. Both can break easily if the user is careless or not knowledgeable.
Jun 10 @ 9:59pm
In topic Linux version?
Originally posted by Evgueni Linux user:
Just because :) This is not a logic. This is emotion. But I got the point.

P.S. I use such kind of threads for a searching people with reviews where they could include information about GNU/Linux port quality due to Games, Linux, Steam, reviews list. So this is also probably could be useful even here only emotions posted.

Fair enough. BTW, thanks for making that list!
Jun 10 @ 9:40pm
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Originally posted by Evgueni Linux user:
Originally posted by Rogue:

Yes, those types of comments would be totally fine. Sorry for any confusion.
Good and what about "+1 I will buy this game only after GNU/Linux support"? Is it convenient?

That's probably fine. Not that I'm an authority or anything. Personally, I don't see why you need to the "+1" there, what's wrong with "I will buy this game only after GNU/Linux support" ?

Anyway, I think the concern is mostly with very short posts such as a comment that *only* says "+1" or, like that other example they give: "10char". It's not about avoiding "+1" altogether.
Originally posted by leech:
Actually Pop!_OS does have their own repositories, but they mostly mirror Ubuntu's with some of their own custom packages. If I left my computer on over night, gnome would freak.
It's not really opinion, it's based upon years of trying both of them. So it's based upon my experience, not just 'well I think Ubuntu sucks, for $reasons'. I've been using Linux for 20+ years now, and Debian has been the mix of both the most stable and the more recent packages (if you take into account playing with Testing or Sid.) Red hat/CentOS is probably the most stable, but their packages get old quick. Fedora has always been very unstable for me.
Ubuntu's problem usually stems from too many PPAs out there that don't have the best of quality as far as stable packages.

I have used tons of different distributions over the years. Ran Ubuntu when it was brand new as well, back before they started going their own way, it was pretty decent, with their main goals of being Debian with current Gnome. That really all changed with Gnome 3.

Pop!_OS ships with their own PPA, but they use Ubuntu's repos. You could add the
System76 PPA to vanilla Ubuntu and get the same result:

Looks like they are shipping a newer version of GNOME than stock Ubuntu, among other things.

Of course, your opinion is based on your experience, that's normal. I have used both Ubuntu and Debian, and, from my experience, Ubuntu LTS was much more stable than Debian Sid. Though nothing beats the rock-solid stability of Debian Stable for me. YMMV.

I think the reason you had stability issues on Ubuntu may have been a result of adding "too many PPAs". I never added more than 2 or 3 back when I used Ubuntu, and always removed them before upgrading from one release to the next.
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