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Good day to you, watcher of profiles. My name is Frederick. I play games.

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The perfect combination of absurdity and competitiveness.

Once you start this game, you're completely sucked into it. There is a learning curve, yes. But that should not stop you from playing this game with colourful and cartoony graphics, a satisfying feel and a competitive edge. Not very hard to learn, extremely hard to master.

Skins are also quite a big part of the game (if you want it to be), allthough I am never in favor of microtransactions. The community in the lower ranks can be quite toxic and unfriendly, but a simple mute should fix that.

I do recommend searching someone to play with, be it on the various fora, steam acqaintances, or someone you meet in game, it is much easier to develop your skill and rank up when doing so with someone whom you play with regularly.

I 100% recommend this game.
(p.s, best played with a controller)

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