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Unlocked Apr 3 @ 3:37pm

Let's Get Started

Examine the crime scene
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 4:07pm

Boggy's Fan Club

Examine all the Boggy merchandise
Unlocked Apr 4 @ 4:26am

Intruder Alert

Get inside the tent
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 5:58pm

Mystery For Tomorrow

Read the letters on Remington's desk
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 4:14pm

Haunt the Swamp

Draw a cute ghost in your notebook
Unlocked Apr 4 @ 5:03am

Nice Hat

Complete the game
Unlocked Apr 4 @ 4:51am

Slickest of Sleuths

Complete the game 100%
Unlocked Apr 4 @ 4:33am

Due Dilligence

Full suspicion on the culprit, none on anyone else
Unlocked Apr 4 @ 4:29am

Who is that Little Girl?

Finish speaking to the Little Girl