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Dear Esther is an otherworldly experience, yet the uneasily becalming feeling of being-in-the-world, this sense of “coming back to oneself” is ineffable. The journey is mine as well as yours, it transcends the meaning of being-oneself. This experience is intangible, but real; mythical, but precise; familiar, but alien.

Everything, from the atmosphere to the music, just everything contributes to this experience. An experience which deserves better words – but there aren’t any.
It will make itself speechless in the end, leaving oneself to become speechless. Its story renders everything immutable.

For those that look for something different, something “lasting” – Dear Esther is and will be one of those few games that contribute to the sophistication of “games as art”.

This, the experience, the feel, the sense, this is art in its purest form. This is a masterpiece not worthy of an award.